Yeah…I’m nuts

I’m about to leave for a trip. A trip that starts in sunny San Diego, goes to possibly snowy Texas, then makes a few stops before landing in Northern California. I’m helping my little sister move from Texas to California. We’ll be driving a U-Haul. Possibly in the snow. With two cats.

Yeah…we’re nuts.

trapeze platform

I also went trapezing again. Because that’s what I do. Trapeze. I’m a trapezist. Here’s a video of me doing a weak Two Position Splits…

I shall have you know, that last weekend I freaking NAILED this trick, first try of the day. I attribute it to me trying really hard to stretch my back so I can bend back farther. Okay fine, I only stretched twice in two weeks. But I stretched right before going to class, so I’m pretty sure that’s what did it.

After being an awesome TPS-er I learned a new trick called Planche. It’s French for awesome-new-trapeze-trick. Please note, I did not nail that trick. In fact, I did quite poorly at first. It’s a hard trick to get into. First position is to get the back of your ankles on the bar in a crouched position. Second position is to shoot your legs straight up, so your body is perfectly tight and straight, trapeze bar is firmly pressed against your butt. Then when they say “Hep!” you let go and put your arms out for the catcher. The third time I did it I was so stoked I actually did the trick without my body flimsily falling over the bar, that I didn’t reach too much for the catcher. Okay fine, I didn’t reach at all! Fail! But at least I’m getting the hang of a new trick. And don’t forget…totally nailed the TPS. Dave even said I did excellent, and his complements are usually “that didn’t suck”.

I have two more lessons paid up. Then I need to make some huge decisions. Pay tons of money to fly twice a week for a three month commitment? Or buy another 5 and go every other week or once a week? It seems like a no-brainer. But I’m still hesitant to make the call.

If you need me, I’ll be driving a U-Haul in the snow. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see all the awesome sights between Texas and California. World’s Largest Ball of Twine and everything.

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