Sarah Seven San Francisco

Last week, I was on vacation. This wasn’t any ordinary vacation, though. Because my little sister is engaged! And we had a wedding to plan. I mean, she had a wedding to plan. I mean…I’ll try to not get out of control.

So, first stop after the airport was wedding dress shopping! At my favorite wedding dress designer, Sarah Seven, in her San Francisco flagship store. (Can you tell I used to be a wedding photographer? I know way too much about the wedding industry!) I’ve never been real wedding dress shopping, so I was hoping for champagne. And look! We got champagne! Not in fancy glass flutes, but I’ll take what I can get.

Sarah Seven San Francisco
Sarah Seven San FranciscoSarah Seven San Francisco

Let’s take a closer look at these beauties, shall we?

Sarah Seven San Francisco

That was totally worth the zoom.

The shop was on the second floor of an old San Francisco building with a bay window and old wooden floors that creaked when you walked on them. The door was unmarked, like it was a secret. Perhaps to avoid walk-ins? The bridal consultant heard us clomping around the stairwell and came out to find us. These dresses are gorgeous, the fabrics luxurious. All the dresses are designed and made to order, custom to each individual bride, in Oakland, which is where my sister lives. How great is that?

Did I mention she asked me to be the Maid of Honor? Let the games begin!!

Later on that night we had to do a few Polish cherry vodka shots with the fam, of course.

polish vodka

One little cup is missing…one for our older sister. She can never get away from work this time of year. But we missed you!! Kisses!

We had a great meal with family friends in Piedmont that involved wine, laughs, amazing brisket, and an impromptu piano duet by two very talented pianists. I slept in most mornings, stayed up late most nights talking and listening to great music by twinkle light. Ate too much cheese, drank too much wine, and did you know it’s peony season??


Since when were peonies available in December? Madness, I tell you.


The sun in Northern California this time of year is amazing. This is the quaint little street my sister lives on. That hillside of homes were just glowing with the setting sun behind me shining on it. It blew me away. The sun is extra slanty up there, I didn’t realize how different it was from San Diego. Every sunset was a crazy golden glow, the sun always in your eyes, but you welcomed it. The sunsets in San Diego are more pink this time of year. Not that I’m complaining about beautiful pink sunsets.

It’s always tough when vacation is over, but always nice to get back home to my little world down here. Even if it does mean back to work with no vacations for awhile. This month is going to be a long one!

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