Trapeze Update


(that’s not me up there)
The last time we left this trapeze thing, I had been gone for ten months then came back and signed up for a month. And was doing kind of lousy. And guess what? I continued to do extremely lousy every single class since!

Until today.

I didn’t expect to be amazing at it, but I did expect some improvement with each class. So when I had four classes under my belt and pretty much zero improvement, it was pretty discouraging. I swear I’m trying! (Don’t you feel like no one thinks you’re trying if you consistently do bad?) But this morning I improved! In fact, Dave said I won for most improved. (it’s tough to win anything with Dave, he’s a hardass, in the good sense of the word. He makes sure you’re doing things correctly so you don’t get hurt, and wants you to improve. Good teacher, that guy.) So THAT right there was pretty darn exciting.

Before that, Chris came up to me and said “Do you want to fly out of lines?” I almost fell over, I was so shocked. “What?! I’m ready to fly out of lines?!” Not yet, no. But I just need to improve my take off (which suuucks!) then I’m ready to fly out of lines. That was a huge boost, too. I felt so much better after today. Yay I’m not a hopeless trapeze cause!

Wanna see a video from today? Sure ya do.

Things I need to work on:

  • Arching my back. This is why videos are good…my back isn’t arched at all! I blame my short arms, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a fat lie.
  • My first position is not straight. Straighten up, Ang!
  • Looking at the catcher. Did you hear her yelling that to me in the video? “you’re not looking at him!” ha! I was just stoked I got my hands right so he could catch me.

It’s tough to do something you’re not great at. But as long as I see small improvements, it’s fine (please remind me of that next time I’m whiny about it haha!) And since I saw some improvement, I decided to be in the show. You heard me, a show! I was very close to chickening out and not being in it, but whatever, let’s do this! It’s at the end of November. If any of you want to come see me fly (and all the other really talented flyers), please email me ([email protected]) or text me if you know me well enough to know my phone number. I’ll give you all the details!

A show! Think I’ll be able to fly out of lines by then? We’ll find out, won’t we.

2 Comments on Trapeze Update

  1. Coryn
    November 10, 2014 at 8:28 am (2 years ago)

    Eeeeee! So excited for you. The video is so impressive. Dang. I’m going to text you…ya know, cuz I’m cool enough to have your digits.

  2. karen
    November 13, 2014 at 12:48 pm (2 years ago)

    You are an amazing athlete . . . and very brave!!!!


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