Trapeze Show 2015

Remember those trapeze show videos I promised you? Life just gets in the way, ya know? Anyway, here they are! My sweet sister took the videos for me. You’ll see in the first one, halfway through she decided it should be landscape. Haha! To anyone out there shooting videos, always horizontal! (Thank you for being my videographer, Nikki!) Doing a board return has always been a circus dream of mine though, so I’m showing you the video anyway.

And now for my half-turn catch. I still haven’t caught that return bar, months later. Goals, people!

Noah took that video. Thanks Noah!

I got to help biscuit during the show, so I stayed up there a bit longer. I chose splits for my dismount…

There you have it folks, trapeze show 2015! I’ll update you on my flying progress one of these days.

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