The Time I Took the Train to LA

I went on a trip last week.

downtown la

A friend and I took the train up to Downtown LA to see another friend who moved there recently. We were going to drive, but it was New Years Eve and who wants to drive on New Years Eve?? Besides, how fun does a two hour train ride sound? Really fun, that’s how fun.

We met at the train station early. I was totally running late so couldn’t get the venti triple latte that I wanted. ACK! I knew there was a little cafe on the train. But I did not know that said little cafe on the train was so ghetto. I got a crappy cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin still in the package. You know the kind, where the muffin is kind of sticky and wet from the plastic. Gross. I should’ve starved.

The ride up was fun. We had a perfect window seat, with the dirtiest window I had ever seen. I pretended it was just the lovely sea breeze that dirtied it up, not the LA ghettos. The first half of the ride was right along the water. My favorite station was Santa Ana, in that picture above. So pretty, right? I think next trip I’ll plan to get off at that station, and maybe even San Clemente. Stop for lunch, then continue on. Anyone know a great place to eat near the train station?

We get off the train at Union Station. I’m so used to Grand Central Station that I really thought it would be prettier. It wasn’t. We hopped on the Metro a few stops up then walked up the stairs to reveal Downtown Los Angeles.

downtown la

Tall, ornate buildings. Trees planted in concrete. Trash blowing in the breeze. Ahhh the city! Our friend met us at the metro station then we walked around the corner to her building. She lives in a swanky apartment building, complete with a Laker living on the top floor! I don’t know which one, nor do I care, because just the fact that I peered into his living room window whilst sunning at the rooftop pool is all that matters.

downtown la

Yep, that’s the pool area. You thought I changed the subject in the middle of a post and started talking about a swanky resort I stayed at, right? Nope…this chick lives there. She also has a dog walker for her little dog. The dog walker came in to get the pup while we were drinking champagne with fruit and eating a delicious salad with focaccia in the middle of a week day. It’s so tough to be rich and famous.

After lunch we walked all over the downtown area. Discovered an amazing used book store, walked through a couple great parks with fountains, and stumbled upon a wedding at the Disney Concert Hall.

downtown la

downtown la

That guy looks kinda cranky, doesn’t he? He was probably angry he was still working at 2pm on New Years Eve.

downtown la

I don’t know what it is, but I love that statue. Perhaps it’s the Sinead O’Connor look she’s got going on.

downtown la

After checking out possibly every single brick building in the financial district, we went to this really great, urban place for dinner called Soleto.


Turns out the entire gang that was at LA Live watching the Holiday Bowl had the same brilliant idea we did. We just had it first. Because we had reservations. We were seated immediately after I developed a strong friend crush on the hostess. She had the most amazing long red curly hair and get this…black and white striped parachute pants! Not Hammer Pants, but a modern day awesome version of them. Sorta reminded me of a circus tent. I tried to sneak a picture of her for you, but thought that might be a bit to stalker-like.

We shared a bottle of wine and each got our own pizza. It was so good, but none of us could finish. So we put it all in one box, and gave it to one of the neighbors that lives out of his shopping cart on the corner near her building. We’re pretty sure he was stoked about it.

We caught the 7:30 train back to San Diego. It was probably a good thing we didn’t stay, turns out there were riots that night in the park we were just at. My bedtime is 8:30, so of course I got super sleepy on the ride back. We really had a great time. I think next time I’ll make it a full weekend. It’s possible I’ll never drive to LA again.

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