I think I need more red lipstick in my life

Or “some” red lipstick, I should say. Have you noticed the red lipstick trend? When it comes to trends, I’m either totally ahead or way behind. It’s probably because I’m way too practical when I shop (needs to match everything in my closet). Except for maybe buying way too many black boots. I almost bought another pair the other day at Target, until I was reminded that I have three pairs almost just like it. Uh…no I don’t. These have three buckles. Three. My other three pairs of black ankle boots just have one. Then both my sisters made fun of me, so I guess I really don’t need black boots?

Oh right…lipstick. Okay so, how awesome is the red lipstick trend? I’ve never really been into it, but for some reason I totally dig it right now. Check out how great these look:

red lips
red lipsred lips

I tried some on at Clinique and there was a chubby stick that I did like, called Chili something. But then this girl walked up that had GREAT red lips on, and she showed me her MAC tube, which was Viva Glam. Duh, of course. So I decided, that’s what I need! Poor Clinique girl (aka my sister) who witnessed me not wanting her chubby stick. (She’ll get over it) So then, I look online to find a picture of Viva Glam and turns out they have about 10 different shades! What?! So that’s no help. THEN (are you bored yet?) I see an instagram of one of my favorite bloggers who can do no wrong, and everyone’s trying to guess what color her lipstick is. And she revealed her two favorites: MAC Ruby Woo & Nars Heat Wave.

After I tried on the Clinique Chili-something (I really need to write this stuff down) I went to lunch with the above-mentioned Clinique girl who may or may not still be upset I decided in front of her that I wanted MAC instead of her high quality product, and I felt so great! Really, wearing that red lipstick just made me sit up straighter, walk more confidently, and smile more. It totally elevated my mood (please see Rule #3 in this post. This red lipstick thing has power! I even took a selfie by myself whilst sitting there waiting for her to show up for lunch. Okay fine, I took a few.

So what I’m saying is…I have some shopping to do. Immediately. Do you guys (I mean girls) have any go-to red lipsticks I need to try? I’m seriously looking drab here, I need red lipstick!

// all photos via Pinterest

2 Comments on I think I need more red lipstick in my life

  1. Coryn
    September 18, 2014 at 10:55 pm (4 months ago)

    Girl, I’m with you on the red lipstick. I want to be the cool girl that wears it and doesn’t look ridiculous…but I’m not sure I ever will be. When you find the perfect shade, please let me know. Kthanks.

  2. Nit-née
    October 9, 2014 at 10:18 am (3 months ago)

    Three words…Clinique Matte Crimson!!! (Please refer to my Instagram feed.) My new fave. The Chili chubby wasn’t red enough.


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