What is more convenient than having the best of two worlds combined in one product? A CCA on your battery will be the answer. These type of batteries are mostly used for smaller vehicles and devices; think about a small boat which needs to run right away and cover long distances. A CCA combined with a dual battery can be very convenient.

Let’s first talk about the battery. Because these are quite different products than the batteries you are used to; when loading these types water and gas will disappear and most water will evaporate when charging. This is because of the dual function; you only have to charge these batteries around 2 times in their lifetime. They have starters function which will fire your refrigerator or small boat up right away and start running.The acid levels als have to be checked 2 times in their lifespan and should be corrected. This is mostly done by adding distillate water. Every fluid can be desolated and never use normal water. Normal water can be very harmful for the battery since there may be some chloride rests still in drinking water.

Most of the guarantee terms of these batteries also clearly state you should never use anything other than distillates water when checking this. If you make sure you will do this check every 5 years; the CCA battery is the most convenient and most maintenance free battery out there.Another thing you should take care of when buying this battery is the charging; you can load and unload the battery at the same time! This is because there is a starters functions and a long electricity function in this battery. Because of the CCA, you can leave the battery on for 6 months in a row without even switching the engine off! This is the same as for a vehicle or boat you use. Another great article about the CCA function can be found here.