Saturday Rituals

Saturday rituals

Saturday mornings are the best.

It’s the first day (and only day) of the week I get to sleep in. Which means I naturally wake up at 5am then force myself to sleep longer so I finally get up at 6:30 then promptly wish I got out of bed at 5 and watched the sun come up because I had some crazy-ass dreams for that last hour and a half because my body really wanted to be awake!

Was that paragraph one sentence?

I make coffee immediately, duh. Mix a bit of cinnamon in the grounds before brewing so I can pretend its fall. Open all the doors and windows so the kitties and I can get some fresh air and watch the morning. Some mornings I sit in bed for awhile. But today, since I had to throw my memory foam mattress pad away (thank you, Stinky. See why I call her Stinky?) my mattress is SO uncomfortable, I sort of hate being in bed now. On nice summer mornings like this one, I love to put on my robe (so as not to totally scare all of my neighbors all at once) and Stinkerson, her sister and I head outside to the balcony. I drink coffee and catch up on blogs, the kitties sniff every possible corner, eat every possible bug, and try to jump on the railing which only leads to bad things (aka the roof and the big bad world that will most likely eat them alive).

So here we sit this morning. We’ve been awake for two hours now and I’m not bored one bit, the girls smell like outside, I’m pretending we’re camping fiends, and I’m about to get my third cup of coffee. What does today hold? Only possibilities, my friends. Only possibilities.

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