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This three day weekend seemed extra long. I was in Vegas for work half of last week, had a day off in the middle of the week, so I think my days are just totally upside down. Which I’m okay with, because I loved all the time off! I went on a couple of walks, one by the beach, one on the trail I discovered by my house. The hill killed me last time. I’m all for a good workout, but come on! My new goal is to not hyperventilate hiking up that hill.

lindas yogurt

Have you guys been to Linda’s Yogurt in Carlsbad Village? I swear they make the best deli sandwiches. And of course their frozen yogurt is amazing! They always have a dairy free yogurt, and sugar free. And they have ice cream. And waffle cones. And smoothies. And look how cute it is in there! I haven’t been there in awhile, I’m digging the new green chairs!
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Monday I discovered a whole bunch of trails off Harmony Grove at Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. The creek there looks just like where I grew up, I really want to go hiking around there.

elfin forest

I had a bit of reading time at the pool, trying to drown out the party going on down there. They weren’t obnoxious, just usually when I go to the pool there’s only one person there laying out. That’s it. So to have a whole party bbq’ing it up was unexpected! I love spending an hour or so at the pool on weekends. I’m hoping to do that often this summer. There is nothing like sleeping in the sun!

pool time

Here’s a typical Saturday morning at my place. Some Spotify tunes, some blog reading, inspiration gathering, the largest mug I own full of coffee, and a sleeping kitty or two. I love having lazy Saturday mornings. I still wake up at 6, so by 8 I’m antsy and get my day going.

saturday mornings

I did some home improvement this weekend, too. Random little things around the house. One fun thing was hanging this organizing thing. I don’t know what to call it. Shelf? Wood storage thing with hooks? I don’t know. I added the basket to it so I could shove my clutch in it when I came home. Bills go in the left compartment, no clue what to put in the right one yet. Oh, and I decided the Arrowhead label didn’t match my decor, so I made my own water label that you can’t even read because the patterns are too intense. Ha!


I made awesome fajitas using this recipe from Pioneer Woman. Did you know she could do no wrong? She can’t. Also, that lime looks like a piranha.


Okay, last random thing! My cats have a game they like to play. I have this adorably soft stuffed bunny sitting on my dresser. Every day when I get home they’ve pulled it off and it’s somewhere in the living room. Usually in their bed. Sometimes in the corner. Sometimes right by the door, like this time. One night I couldn’t sleep, so dragged Flopsy to bed with me. And caught one of my cats slowly trying to drag it out from my clutches when she thought i was sleeping! They adore Flopsy. It’s pretty funny.


And one last random thing. This pretty rose. One color on one side of the petal, a different color on the other side.


Have a great week, it’s half over!

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  1. Coryn
    June 8, 2014 at 1:20 pm (1 year ago)

    You in a hat = perfection.

    Also, where did you get that shelf with hook thingies?! It’s almost exactly what I’ve been picturing in my mind and haven’t been able to find. I need it. Need.


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