I like to pretend that I’m popular. Am I? No. Have I ever been? Heck no! Well-liked, yes. Popular, no. That was reserved for much cooler people, like my older sister.

But yesterday, I felt popular.

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I’ve been going through a clothing rut. I like to shop just as much as the next girl. I’d like to think I have a good style, know what looks good on me, am not afraid to buy something kind of crazy. The problem is, I’m also frugal! And I do not buy anything that I wouldn’t want to wear every day. We all go through the clothes rut thing…you wake up one day and realize you hate everything in your closet (that’s also called PMS, don’t get confused). Nothing fits you right, that skirt you bought at Target two years ago has really seen better days, you’re rotating the same three outfits each week for work, and how you’re dressing on a day-to-day basis does not reflect who you are one bit. Time to go shopping!

I realized my rut a couple months ago, and have been hitting my usual go-to stores to no avail. Either everything is ugly, stupid, too trendy, too expensive, not made well, or doesn’t fit. I really needed some staples for work, a couple good pencil skirts in neutral colors with some great tops. Apparently that was too much to ask! It gets discouraging to shop and not find anything. Am I right, ladies?? Yesterday I was thinking I needed to just bite the bullet and go to Nordstrom to spend $100+ on a pencil skirt. If I wear them as much as I’ve worn those darn Target knit skirts, then they’ll be totally worth it!

My dad is an expert shopper. Just ask his closet full of jeans, black jackets and shoes. I had informed him of my dilemma, and he quipped back a few rules to live by…

Rule #1

Get things that are familiar but unexpected. If it’s only familiar it’s boring. If it’s just unexpected, it’s still not right.

Rule #2

If it’s the right thing you think “I feel something!” Tall or thin or young…something. Feeling is important.

Rule #3

If it’s right, your posture changes, your attitude changes…mood elevation!

Rule #4

The $1 Rule: If you’re going to wear it as many times as the amount of the purchase, then it’s right.

Rule #5

Test drive the piece for complements (we added this rule later)

Rule #6

Follow your heart (my general life-rule)

I tend to agree with the aforementioned rules. So anyway, I decided to hit up ‘ol faithful for the second time in two months, hoping they got new items…Banana Republic Outlet. Let’s face it…we all want to shop at the real one, but who the heck can afford that?? At the Outlet store, you can buy things full price and it’s inexpensive enough. And they usually have sales. This is my go-to store for work clothes, but it has failed me for over a year now. I grab a bunch of stuff, make my way to the dressing room, and start doing my thing. The first skirt I try on…omg, it fits?! It fits! I started to get kinda giddy. Then I tried the second skirt on. And the third. They both fit too! Only better than the first! Most things I brought in fit me (we won’t discuss the button down short sleeved top that got stuck on my thick arms and I almost had to go out of the dressing room half naked in a panic to have the salesgirl save me. Let’s just say good thing those arm holes had buttons). When I tried on a casual knit dress with a tie at the waist, I was immediately transported to a winery in Temecula, where I was casually sipping an overpriced deep red wine whilst chatting with all my girlfriends and laughing gayly. Yes, I needed that dress (and the bright lime green shorts).

Clearly I was giddy.

I ride my dressing room high all the way home, carefully hang up my new wares in my closet, put the winery dress on to test it out for the evening. I left the tag on, as one does on a test drive, duh. I was quite aware I was in a shopping frenzy, and sometimes one makes rash decisions in that state. I had to be level-headed. Then I proceeded to clean the house. (Because who wouldn’t clean the house in a brand new dress that she might take back?)

Here’s where the popular part comes in.

I had to take the trash out, so I put on some flip flops, grabbed the trash bag, and went out the front door. I was halfway down my front stairs when one of my neighbors walks by. We say hi, and she adds “You always wear the cutest clothes!” HU?! I take it in stride, act like I already know that, I get complements all the time duh, and say thank you. With some flattery on my face, but not too much, mind you. Then I float to the trash bin and toss my bag in.

I have only seen this neighbor of mine once, the day before. I was walking to my unit when we said hi, I immediately ran upstairs and peeked out the window to see which unit she lived in, naturally. I really like my neighborhood, but I’ve noticed that the neighbors don’t usually say hi to each other. I think that’s odd, because it’s such a great complex. So it was new to me for a neighbor to say hi. I wanted to know where she lived! (That, and I’m a stalker.) So this chick, who has only seen me twice, tells me I always have cute clothes?? Clearly I’m missing something.

I’m popular. That’s the only explanation. She must see me all the time! Walking around the complex, checking the mail, throwing trash out, walking to the pool. She must gaze out her window at my amazing wardrobe, wishing she was me, because I’m so popular and have such great clothes.

Or she just liked two of my outfits and I’m delusional. In any case, I need someone to go to a winery with me. Any takers?

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  1. Nit-née
    August 7, 2014 at 10:46 am (10 months ago)

    I would love to go to a winery with this popular, impossibly stylish girl! May I just say, being the aforementioned ‘popular older sister,’ you have really come into your own this past year. Even before that, you began developing your conservative-but-quirky, fun, creative sense of style that puts mine to shame! Now I check in with you regarding most of my fashion choices. In fact, I am fond of saying “My sister always looks like she just stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog.” (Got it from one of the many compliments you have been paid by friends and strangers alike these days.) My, how the tables have turned!

  2. alohaneener
    August 7, 2014 at 3:05 pm (10 months ago)

    #4 is one of my personal rules. also, if it’s a separate, i need to be able to wear it with at least 3 other things. have you ever checked out kendi everyday? in her archives she has this 30 for 30 challenge that i’ve done a few times. it’s a great exercise in creative dressing and helps you appreciate your wardrobe more i think. also, i would love to winery it up with you, perhaps in conjunction with our sushi date?

    • Raven
      August 11, 2014 at 10:02 am (10 months ago)

      J, let’s do it! Sushi & Winery. Not necessarily in that order!


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