Buying Guide: Best Tent Heater

Are you planning to camp out in the winter? You might want to add the best tent heater to the list as one of the necessary accessories. Not only will this be an important accessory to make use of in the wild, it can also be considered one of the most important things to do in the night. Without a good heater on your side, it can get really cold, especially during the winter season. It doesn’t really take as much to pick up the right heater and do some research; you should be able to find it easily.

Size Matters

Trying to cut costs and purchase a tent heater that is too small can actually cause problems that you would prefer to avoid. So, depending on the size of the tent you have, it might be a good idea to do some research and figure out the exact size of the heater you need for your tent. The same hazards apply to large heaters, in case you plan to do it like a sauna inside your tent! Oversized heaters pose a higher risk of burning down the entire tent, which is ideally not what you would like to face when you’re in the wild.


Sometimes people buy the right kind of best tent heater, but they end up installing it incorrectly. Because of this problem, they might feel that the heater doesn’t work as well as it should. So, before you go out to the store and get something different, it might be a good idea to look closely at how you install things and make sure you don’t need to replace something that doesn’t really need to be replaced. You can even consult another person who is acquainted with this so that you can check your tent installation.

Although there are many other ways to heat a tent without a heater, people are choosing the maximum and quick warmth that a tent heater provides. With the new lightweight, portable and safe models being produced these days, finding a model within your budget for your next camping trip should not be an issue. Keep those cold nights warm with a camper in your tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

What is the best type of wok?

The wok is one of the traditional Chinese kitchen utensils, but it is becoming more and more popular today thanks to its excellent applicability.

The wok is basically a deep, circular pan so that the fire can spread evenly to the sides. It is great for you to cook stir-fries and stews of Chinese cuisine.

Nowadays the wok has been improved and upgraded a lot compared to the traditional wok. It is improved in a more compact size, comes with a lid and is made of many different materials.

Do you know about all the wok? If not, let us find the best type of wok.

#1 Based on material

Wok can be classified based on material. The most common types of materials for the wok are:

#1 Carbon steel:

This is the material of a traditional wok. This material has good heat holding capacity, withstands high temperatures for a long time and is quite durable.

However, a carbon steel wok needs to be thoroughly cleaned and you must not use soap to wash it.

#2 Cast iron:

Cast iron is also a good heat retention material, providing great flavor to the dish. However, this is a heavy material and requires a lot of effort to preserve it.

#3 Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the most durable and safe material for a wok. The wok is made of stainless steel that can spread heat evenly, keep heat well and easily cleaned with soap and water.

#4 Non-stick:

This is the material used for most pans and a wok is no exception. This material prevents food from sticking to the wok but it cannot withstand high temperatures.

#2 Based on the bottom shape

Based on the bottom shape, the wok can be divided into two types:

#1 Round bottom wok:

A round bottom wok is the most original and popular shape, it is suitable for cooking on gas stoves.

Round bottom wok can heat up immediately because it allows the flame to reach evenly on both sides.

#2 Flat bottom wok:

A flat bottom wok is an improved design to fit the top stove, allowing heat to approach from the bottom and then spread to the whole wok.

Flat bottom wok is usually made from easy-to-clean and high-quality materials.

5 Steps to Renew Your Kitchen

Before we can get to cooking, lets start with giving our kitchens a facelift. The time has come to get rid of all the unhealthy, preserved, nutrient deprived food from inside your freezer, fridge and pantry- this includes clearing out all those special hiding spots with your late night snacks. Clearing out your kitchen of all the bad stuff can mean a lot more then just removing the junk. You are creating a new start for yourself when it comes to how you use your food. Providing yourself with alternative solutions for the times that you are so comfortable with falling back on easy, unhealthy food choices is one of the most important elements in reaching your health goals. Lets create a new vibe for your kitchen- for the food you make everyday and the food you run to for a quick fix.

1.    A good rule of thumb when it comes to products like cereal, snacks, quick meals and other basics: Take a look at the ingredients. Single out anything that is sugar or a version of sugar (high fructose corn syrup, etc). The order in which the ingredients are listed on the box is directly related to the quantity that is in the product. So- the first ingredient has the highest quantity. A good rule a thumb- do not let sugar, or any form thereof be any MORE than the 3rd ingredient. This alone will rule out some of the WORST things in your pantry.

2.    Go fresh. With the exception of canned beans and tomatoes, get rid of everything that should be growing in the dirt but has found its way into cans, out of your pantry. This means all that canned fruit, fruit cocktails, compotes and sugar packed jams.

3.    Switch your sweeteners. Kiss your sugar, Sweet ‘n Low’s and Splendas good bye. Replace those cute little packets of sucralose  with stevia extract, a natural sugar alcohol that’s found in plants. If you like using honey to sweeten your tea or protein shakes in the morning, switch it over to agave necter. Agave necter is half the calories of sugar and with its lower glycemic index, it promotes a slower absorption of the sugar in it. Hence making agave nectar a great sweetener for diabetics, but also a definite smart choice for any other health conscious individual.

4.    Cut the fat. Get rid of shortenings, vegetable oils and lards. You don’t need these things to give your food a moist texture and taste good. Hang onto your olive oil and 0 calorie non stick cooking spray as you will find at least one in most of the recipes I share with you.

5.    Segregate. When it comes to vegetables, not everyone gets along. Separate everything from potatoes. Potatoes give off a lot of the moisture thats different fruits and veggies are hungry for (especially ones in the onion family), causing them to spoil quicker. Keep bananas away from the rest of your produce, as the hormones they spit out as they ripen cause other fruits to oxidize faster. By taking the time to separate your produce, and learning what foods do not play well with others, you are maximizing your dollar by ensuring that the foods you buy stay fresher, longer.

When it comes to replacing what you’ve removed, try not to get overwhelmed. To start, make the switches that I have suggested: your sweeteners, your cooking fats. When you get to the store, go by the rule of sugar as the 3rd ingredient. You’ll find it easy, and probably realize that there are some pretty healthy alternatives for what you have been eating. Stick to whole foods: whole grains, fresh veggies. Stay away from anything overly processed or processed at all if possible. And remember, this isn’t an overnight transformation. As you follow my recipes, your collection of better products will start to build, and your understanding of what’s worth eating will soon become second nature.

With that, give this morning dish a shot. It’s great for weight loss and can be kept in the fridge for a few days and taste just as great.

Morning Musli

1 1/2    Cups Rolled oats
2    Cups Rice Dream, Vanilla Flavor
2    Tablespoon Agave nectar
1/4    Cup Chopped apples, red
1/4    Cup Chopped apples, green
1/4    Cup Dry roasted almonds, unsalted, chopped or sliced
1    Teaspoon Cinnamon
Rice Dream as needed

Instructions: Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate overnight. Check 1 hour after mixing, checking moisture content. Extra Rice dream may be needed depending on desired consistency.

Calories: 148.13

The Meaning of Food

Lewis Carol said “life is but a dream”… the other day I was sitting in my car, in traffic, (I live in Los Angeles, and some of my best ideas come from hours on the 101) and for some reason I really got to thinking about what that meant. We are constantly living in this story of past and future, making everything we do and see sacred in some way. Creating little landmarks in our mind. When you take the way we look at food, different types of food especially, in some way or another it triggers a memory. When we have an abusive relationship with food, the dream we relive every time we indulge is nothing but a volunteered repeat of our past.

I believe that the most difficult times for us as adults are the ones we create for ourselves. You have the power to change your approach about anything including your health at any moment, and what better place to start than with food. Don’t just change the way you eat, take it one step further and change the story, the dream, and the everyday experience you have with your food. This will make your experience so much more successful. Lets lay out a few simple rules that I apply to more than just my eating habits:

1. Don’t approach your diet, or change in general, as something foreign. Make an effort to really buy into what you are doing. A lot of times our most continuous and negative feelings insist to exist because we buy into them so much. One of my worst and I know is hard for a lot of people is disapproval. What we don’t realize everyday is by buying into our own disapproval we are PRACTICING disapproval. The more you do it, the stronger the quality becomes. You essentially become an expert at causing this harm to yourself and subsequently, others at times. Take this negative power that you have given yourself, and turn it on itself. Buy into the change you are making in choosing to eat better. When you buy into it, you are practicing it, thus strengthening the habit and becoming an expert on fueling your body efficiently.

2. Set yourself up for success. If you are trying to quit smoking do you leave packs of cigarettes laying around the house? Probably not. Ill say this a million times, you cant eat the bad stuff if it isn’t there, so get rid of it. Empower yourself by taking out the trash.

3. Make a conscious choice. If you are going to change the way you eat, do it and do it all the way. You don’t need to wean yourself off of McDonalds. I understand that sometimes food can be your go to- to feel safe, to become calm- but the point of choosing to become a happier, healthier you, is to create a new safe place for yourself. Take a deep breath, and find the safety in moving forward in a better way for you and those you love. This is a form of acceptance, and a form of respect for the legitimate fear you have in becoming a slightly different person. Embrace it, love it, and be proud of yourself for being ahead of the curve and doing what’s best for YOU.

As we start to work on cooking processes, you’ll start to realize what a few little changes can do, but more importantly, how good they can taste. Lets start with the recipe for today. Get yourself a fresh chicken breast from your butcher. When you buy fresh, you are able to maximize on the flavor of that product, and minimize the amount of calories consumed. Dust that chicken with a little salt and pepper and that’s all you’ll need. Toss the garlic on when its ready and pay attention to it while it cooks, making sure its never over done. When you don’t use a marinade or excessive seasoning, the only issue you can really run into is over drying of meat. Cook the chicken until it’s just done, take it out, and allow it to rest for a couple minutes before serving. Don’t forget that the internal temp of the chicken will continue to rise slightly after its been removed from the oven, and the cooking process continues as it rests. With the green beans, this is a classic side dish you’ll find at many restaurants. The process of blanching the green beans (which is briefly cooking in boiling salt water, then removing and placing immediately into ice) is a great way to get the perfect crunch to any veggie, while still hanging on to the nutrients. The almonds throw in a great taste and positive nutritional value, all together a great side to pair your juicy chicken.

Try this out tonight. Don’t be afraid to throw your favorite herb on your chicken. Going for maintenance and not so much weight loss? Season some cooked quinoa with salt and pepper and place ½ cup under the chicken before serving.

Enjoy and be well.

The Game

Believe it or not we all have a split personality. There is you, the slightly eager, maybe curious, solution seeking reader of a health blog. You have every intention of taking care of yourself and the people around you, and you would like to have a happy, simple life.

Then there’s the other you. The one you designed when you were very young. Imagine the first time you recognized unfairness, meaning: something made you angry. Hurt you. Confused you. At this point you generated a phrase, or maybe just a word. It dictates the feeling you had that you couldn’t articulate at the time. This was the birth of what I like to call, your “act”.

act. [akt] verb; without object
to pretend; feign: Act interested even if you’re bored.
to serve or substitute (usually followed by for): in the absence of my sanity, my alter ego will act in my place

Your act is responsible for everything unworkable in your life, and everything that comes at you that you see as unworkable, is handled by your act.
Example: Me. My act is, “hear me.” In the face of something that isn’t working, I am convinced that no one is listening to me. So I talk more, louder, in different tones. Go about it different ways. Once I’ve decided that I’m unheard, that’s it. No matter what anyone may say, I’m not being heard. God as my witness I will keep talking until I faint. Just to insure that everyone, ya know, hears me. [crazy]

Your act can be your saving grace as it normally is what creates an unreasonable drive and determination, (tune in next week…Teaser!) but for now I’d like to stick to if left unattended and unchecked, it can break apart our lives.

So here’s the game. The whole point of life as far as your act is concerned is to be validated. It’s more important than love, health, marriage, everything. You will forfeit and destroy relationships, and to preserve your act you will even refuse to be healthy.
As fascinating as this is to uncover, (which I hope you are doing) it’s also incredibly boring. Your whole life has been surrounded by a fundamental concern you established as an adolescent. You are trying on jeans at 40 or fighting with your partner in your 30′s and you’re best test for that current reality and valid feelings is a concept you generated when you were 8.

Please take a moment to laugh at that.

While you are at it, imagine a picture in your head. You, face to face with an elementary school aged child. He or she is telling you how to operate every element of your life that isn’t quite working for you and you say “You are definitely correct. Excellent plan.”

This is our struggle. We look through life and everything in it and we are so unaware of the distortion that’s right in front of us. No wonder most of us feel like we are never good enough. No wonder we are never satisfied. With years of living the best that most of us can come up with is “there’s something wrong with me.”

There’s nothing to fix here really. It’s just an understanding that in moments where life gets a little challenging, being aware that you and everyone else around you, isn’t always operating with both feet in the now. We are all walking around like little kids. Combining all of our experience and all of our knowledge as adults, just that little bit of awareness will change the way in which you handle your interactions with others but most importantly yourself. Would you ever look at a child and tell them that they are fat? Ugly? Not worthy of love? Absolutely not. But when you say that to yourself that’s exactly who you are talking to.

Inspector Gadget

Humans do not lack the power to change the world, we are just often blind to our tools to do so.

When we live in the mentality of being powerless, then we most simply are. The most influential people in the world aren’t made of a lighter weight, heat resistant, rust proof material. They all haven’t had the gift of a perfect childhood, above average IQ or a trust fund. The difference between a person in touch with their own personal power to change anything from their weight to the eradication of AIDS, and someone who has no power at all, is the awareness of choice. A healthy, productive, effective life is never impossible.

gadget [gaj-it]  -noun. a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article. —Synonyms
contraption; whatsis, doohickey, thingamajig.

Options give us choice= power. Try this on: become your own version of Inspector Gadget. Put yourself in the frame of mind that you have the solution for everything. Something starts to fall apart- screw driver. Something you want is out of reach- go go gadget arm. You’ve become the Home Depot for life’s hurdles.

Even if just for today, use your imagination with this concept. It can be fun, but without a doubt effective.


One wonders why he is clumsy while walking forward with his head turned backwards.

Our world gets it’s volume and depth by the people we have in it. If people aren’t there we don’t get to be anyplace.

The plural of human beings by virtue made us not a singular.

The give and take of human relationships are always the hardest. Finding that epic balance where no power is lost for either human, and where the capacity to see something, anything, can cause breakthroughs in each persons performance as a human being.

Really it boils down to five things:
1. Commitment.
2. Integrity.
3. Agreement
4. Listening
5. Receiving.
Commitment- Your commitment to show up. A commitment to creating workability in your world as well as your relationships. It starts at the personal and works it’s way out, not the other way around. Ironic how some can stand for so much- world peace, hunger, cancer, AIDS, whale migration- yet they come home and tell their partner to shut up. There has to be a commitment to show up on all levels.
Integrity- Life becomes non-linear when you focus on real integrity. You have more space to live in when you aren’t focused so much on integrity being a morality issue. Integrity doesn’t just mean telling the truth, it can mean everything from being on time, to taking out the trash, to keeping yourself healthy.
Agreement- The most consistent things in your life right now are created solely out of an agreement. The consensus of an agreement can make anything a reality. From whispering in a library to the days of the week. There really is no Sunday-Saturday, it’s just something human beings have agreed upon to keep track of things, and keep things in order. Think about the smooth reality you could create if you came to similar agreements in your relationships.
Listening- The size of our life is a function of how much we are listened to, and how much we listen. The biggest problems can be solved, simply by listening. When you make someone feel known, respected, and heard, you are facilitating that epic balance of power between two people.
Receiving- If you have ever taken an economics class you’ll be familiar with Milton Freidman’s adage “there is no free lunch.” We are conditioned that everything comes with a price. Lunch, friendship, love, happiness. In many cases things are a give and receive, but there are moments in where it isn’t so. A hard one for me, COMPLIMENTS. I can’t take a compliment, I have to give one back.”Cassandra I love your hair.” “Why thank you I love your…shoes. Iloveyourshoes!” I may not even mean it, it’s pathetic! Hands down, it’s always a symbol for something greater. Imagine the level that your relationships could go to if you were able to 100% receive the free goodness and abundance that they were giving you.

Start today. Take out the trash, listen to someone, start your commitments with yourself, and say thank you to a compliment.

Food Processes & Your Digestive Health

Hello my healthy bloggers!

So I am confident that you have all done your homework and cleared out most of the junk in your kitchens. From there I want to jump straight into the most important practice of quality nutrition, and that’s the way in which you cook your food. 90% of the time it is not what you eat, its how its prepared that makes it higher in calories, hard to digest, or lose nutritional value. These three things are the main focus of cooking and eating better.

Think of your body as a car. Food=Fuel. When you eat a slice of bread, the flour from the bread breaks down into sugar (glucose) in your body to provide you with energy. The same thing happens when you eat a piece of fruit, drink a glass of milk or eat a chocolate bar. Each of these foods contains a different kind of sugar. Fructose is a sugar in fruit, lactose is found in milk and sucrose is found in the chocolate bar. All of these sugars are broken down during digestion and provide you with energy. The higher quality energy, and the better it is prepared, just like gasoline, will predetermine your bodies ability to absorb nutrients and function not just efficiently, but exceptionally.

Lets start with vegetables. When it comes to nutritional value, boiling and steaming your vegetables makes them lose a remarkably high amount of vitamins. The saturation of heat from the long term high heat process breaks down all water soluble vitamins such as B6, B12, Vitamin C and thiamin, just to name a few. In their highest content, some of the most essential vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables, so those boiled and steamed carrots, broccoli and asparagus have basically lost all value once they hit your plate. From now on, try a better and essentially quicker form of cooking called ‘blanching’ which I will use in almost ALL cases when preparing vegetables.

Here’s what you need:

A small saucepot
A bowl of ice water
Small sauté pan dusted with 0 calorie non stick cooking spray

Boil the water with about 2 teaspoons of salt. Place whatever vegetables you wish to cook in the boiling salt water, no longer than a minute. Transfer vegetables into ice water to stop cooking process; reheat and season briefly in sauté pan before serving.
This method cooks the vegetables to a crunchy, slightly seasoned perfection. However, you have also preserved the nutrients in each product more so than if you had boiled as usual.

When it comes to digestive health, it’s the small changes that really make the difference. Food that is difficult to digest can directly effect, regenerate, or even cause any health issue from constipation to arthritis to heart disease to diabetes or fatigue. The goal is simple: Get food from point A (your mouth) to point B (the toilet) as quickly as possible while absorbing the maximum amount of quality nutrients available. When we eat foods prepared with unhealthy oils, unnecessary fats, sugars or carbohydrates, our body is justly challenged in its abilities to transfer any nutrients from the food into useable, quality energy. In addition, after any nutrients have been absorbed, these products and the processes in which they are commonly used are extremely hard for our body to get through our system in terms of waste, and can cause inflammation of the digestive tract, liver, colon, appendix and pancreas. This again, can be prevented with simple changes:

~ Use your non-stick cooking spray instead of oil to lubricate pots and pans. It’s just as effective.
~ Use what I call ‘smart’ sugars and sweeteners. agave necter instead of sugar in baking. Stevia extract in replacement of Sweet and Low and Equal.
~ Instead of frying that chicken breast in a pan with oil and all its fats, stick it on a broiling rack, dust with salt and pepper and little olive oil, and put it in the oven at 375 for 20 or so minutes, until done. It will be juicier and tastier than the fried version, but much better for you and easier on your body.
~ Regulate your intake of everything. If you aren’t cooking at home, order dressing on the side. Ask for no oil when ordering anything where it might be used. If you make a salad at home, grill up some chicken, throw in a splash of balsamic vinegar with some tomatoes and you have a perfect salad.

With that, lets move on to today’s recipe. I LOVE it because you can change it up to be whatever you want. Blend it, leave it chunky, make it spicy, keep it mellow, serve it cold, up to you! Get creative with your diet and make it work for YOU.

Kale Pea Soup

3    cloves garlic, sliced
1    Large carrot, diced
1    Sprig fresh thyme
1/4    Teaspoon crushed red pepper, or to taste
1    Large stalk celery, sliced
4    cups low sodium vegetable broth
1    15 ounce can diced tomatoes
5    cups kale leaves, stems removed
1    15 ounce can black eyed peas, rinsed

Instructions: Heat oil in large pot over medium heat. Add onion, celery, carrot and cook, stirring until just tender, 5-7 minutes. Add sliced garlic, thyme and crushed red pepper and cook, stirring frequently. After about 30 seconds, increase heat to high and add vegetable broth, tomatoes and the juice from tomato can. Bring to a boil, cleaning any bits off top of soup that float up. Stir in kale and black eyed peas, reduce heat to simmer, stir occasionally. Cook until greens are soft, about 5-10 minutes.

Serves: 4
Calories: 293.47
Cholesterol: 2.4 mg
Fat: 4.295 g
Saturated Fat: 0.782 g
Calories From Fat: 24.8
Protein: 16.603 g
Carbohydrates: 54.985 g
Sodium: 953.39 mg
Fiber: 11.370 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Sugars: 4.687 g


The plural of human beings by virtue made us not a singular. 

Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran says of children:
“They come through you but are not from you”
Our biggest obstacles in life can come from our relationship with our parents. For women, our mothers are such a force in how we see the world. The relationship between mother & daughter is the most dynamic on the planet. It can be the shadows of all shadows and the platform for greatness all at the same time. As I get older, my mom gets older, her mom gets older… Our relationships with each other transform so much. My mother is a much different mother than her mother. My mom and I have moved from being a unit but still separate to becoming equals in life, invested in each other happiness and success, rather than mother energy sent to child-child receiving. I think when we as women get to this point with our mothers, it’s when we appreciate our ability to be mothers ourselves.

Life is incredibly cyclical. Everything leaves and comes back around in sometimes the most ironic and serendipitous ways. A fundamental element to living is being able to receive what we are given, maximize our blessings, and manage our shortcomings. A big part of life is being independent, but the rest is really how we manage and nurture our relationships. Without people, you don’t get to be anyplace.

Women- take a moment today to really appreciate your girlfriends. You may have a significant other, but I’m willing to bet that most women will say that their best girlfriend is her soulmate.

“For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so he loves the bow that is stable.”

Why you should and should not use mag fed paintball gun?

You have heard about mag fed paintball gun, you want to change your playing style and are tossing around the idea of picking up a mag fed gun. There are some of the changes that will occur when you switch from standard hopper to mag-fed.

Mag fed guns design tends to make the guns look like the real and also offers shooters more of the military experience. However, it also makes the game more challenging and usually is recommended for experienced player only. If you just can’t decide if purchasing on the best mag fed paintball gun is right or not, I can help with your decision by going to the details of the benefits and drawbacks of mag-fed paintball.

#1 Real military experience

The most attractive reason that make many players are shifting towards this style of play is the wonderful feeling that it creates. Since the traditional loader provide a gaming experience to savor, mag fed gun will make the game more realistic looking and will give you a more battle like feeling while playing.

Magazine fed paintball guns are the more intense and challenging version of paintball markers. They come in many shapes and sizes from small pistols to rifles. They also can be used for close quarter fights as well as for long range snipping.

If you are who looking for an exciting game of paintball, then nothing better for you than a mag fed paintball gun. Once I have more experience on this game, I want something that more challenging and stimulating to give me a feeling of realism in this paintball games, this is why I get start with this mag fed markers.

#2 First Strike Round

Aside from militaristic style of play, these is one more advantage of mad fed guns is the Tiberius Arms First Strike rounds. These First Strike rounds are invented by Tiberius Arms, they fly much further, straighter and flatter than traditional round paintballs.

That means the range and accuracy of these rounds are much higher than normal paintball out of the skies, and you will have a bigger chance to actually hit what you are plant to shoot at with just one ball.

#3 High price

While there are some awesome benefits to the mag fed paintball markers, but the biggest drawback of them is more expensive than traditional model. Mag fed paintball guns are usually less mainstream. Most players are still more prefer to use hopper fed gun. This make its less production runs and higher costs. You may have to pay 300$ for the quality mag fed guns.