George Cardinet Trail

george cardinet trail

While I was at my dad’s house, I did my fair share of exploring the neighborhood. One morning we walked to Peet’s and looked way too much like homeless people in the Ross, which was in the same parking lot. It might have had something to do with me trying on a dress in the middle of the store over my workout clothes, complete with tennies and a beanie because it was freezing outside. The laughing dressing room attendant may or may not have told me I should just come back later to try it on properly.

One crisp morning, I ventured out on my own. I knew there was a trail nearby, I had been on it years ago with some friends. I sleuthed it up on google maps and headed there. I knew it was going to be pretty. But I didn’t anticipate the morning sun making every single thing in my path glow.

george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail
george cardinet trail

I really tried to narrow these pictures down for you, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t even decide which mushroom picture was the best. You can choose! I took these pictures with my phone and didn’t edit them one bit. The sun is just that slanty and amazing up there in the wee hours of the morning. Just beautiful.

On half-assing it

Wednesday night was considerably warmer than it has been the last few weeks on the rig. It makes flying that much more fun when you’re not freezing your butt off. I’ve been struggling with getting a pretty back end planche down in time to get caught by the catcher. When I first got to the rig, I walked up to the outdoor heater (you know, the kind they have on restaurant patios) where Dave and Susan were keeping warm. Dave gives me a hug and says “I want you to learn a turn-around tonight. Let’s forget planche for awhile.” Susan completely agreed, said she was going to suggest that. (A turn-around is the first step you need to take before you learn how to jump back on the platform.)

My first time doing it, they were all pretty impressed it was my first try at it. It was sloppy! But for my first time? Not bad I guess. I pulled some exceptionally bad ones that night, and some pretty darn good ones, too. Especially considering I just learned the trick that night. There were only four of us flying that night, so we each had tons of time on the rig. I was exhausted at the end of the hour and a half and was feeling pretty good about myself.

Then Dave came up to me and said “Some people come out here and fly like Sabrina*”, one of the younger girls that was there that night (*name has been changed to protect the innocent. Or in this case, the guilty). “But not me”, he continued, “I’d rather give it everything I got and do it all the way. I’m not content with just doing it.”

Dave just told me I was half-assing it.

This girl is cocky, acts bored the entire time, and just does enough. She never really improves. Ever. I’ve flown with her many times before, and she just does the same thing, with the same crappy attitude.

I drove home that night, feeling good about what I accomplished, but replaying what Dave said in my head. “Dave thinks I’m half-assing it! I’m not half-assing it! Wait…am I half-assing it?! If I’m half-assing that, what else in my life am I half-assing??”

I proceeded to spend the rest of the week analyzing every important aspect of my life, wondering if I half-ass it all. Do I just go through life half-assing and I don’t realize it? I guess at work, sometimes I half-ass it. But other times I work my ass off. My entire ass. It’s gone. Nothing left. So maybe when I let myself slack a bit it’s okay? Or maybe it’s not. What about other important things in my life, including my relationships with people? I don’t think I’m half-assing those things, because those things are top priorities in my life. But is that only half of my ass talking??

I’ve always fought for what’s important in my life, things that I really wanted, I worked really, really hard for. And I’ve accomplished a lot! After analyzing my ass all week and how hard it’s working, I’ve come to the conclusion that no, I do not half-ass these top priorities in my life. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do better. Put more into it. More umph, if you will.

Today at trapeze, I worked both halves of my ass. My warm up swing (out of lines, let me remind you) is improving with every swing. My back sweep is getting stronger, my seven better. I did a few very good turn-arounds with a cut-away (includes back flip). I did much better planche’s today. My take off’s were improved. I was caught twice by Tori doing planche both times. Then after class, I went over and played with the traveling rings, which was so fun! I did pretty darn good at that, too. Even pretty! Kira said “Whoa, you could be really good at this!”

I came home wincing in pain. My blisters have formed underneath my callouses (I count ten blisters in total, just from today). The biggest one popped before we started catching. I cut the skin off and taped up and kept going. I landed on the net wrong one time and both knees are bruised pretty bad and hurting.

This is not half-assing. What Dave said motivated me to have more confidence and to keep fighting (harder!) for the things that matter most to me in life. I really was giving everything 100%. But 110% is so much better.

So now I’m celebrating by drinking champagne out of the mini bottle. At noon. And wearing a hat because it’s freezing in my house. HERE’S TO HALF-ASSING!


(selfies are so shameful, aren’t they??)

Free as a Bird

Guess who took her first swing(s) out of safety lines??

Yep, that would be me! I think I can truly say I’m training to be a trapeze artist now. Right? I felt like I was lying every time I told people that (which was every chance I got, of course), but now it’s GOT to be true. Out of lines, baby!!

This doesn’t mean I don’t have safety lines for every trick. This is only on the warm up swing. Each time I safely perfect a trick, then I will be allowed to perform it out of lines. When you don’t have those safety lines to get all tangled up in, you can do net tricks! That’s what you saw me do at the end of the video, when I hit the net. I have no idea what they call that net trick. Pencil something, maybe? You land first on your back, then do a 360 and land on your back again. Apparently I did a good enough job the first time, Tori’s “oooooo!” told me so.

It’s so good for me to watch videos of me flying. I can totally see what I need to improve on immediately. I had no idea I was bending my legs that much (we won’t discuss all the other flaws I saw).

Things are much smoother without those darn lines in the way. It’s quieter, you swing higher, have more control. I love it. I’m so addicted to this, you guys.


Sarah Seven San Francisco

Last week, I was on vacation. This wasn’t any ordinary vacation, though. Because my little sister is engaged! And we had a wedding to plan. I mean, she had a wedding to plan. I mean…I’ll try to not get out of control.

So, first stop after the airport was wedding dress shopping! At my favorite wedding dress designer, Sarah Seven, in her San Francisco flagship store. (Can you tell I used to be a wedding photographer? I know way too much about the wedding industry!) I’ve never been real wedding dress shopping, so I was hoping for champagne. And look! We got champagne! Not in fancy glass flutes, but I’ll take what I can get.

Sarah Seven San Francisco
Sarah Seven San FranciscoSarah Seven San Francisco

Let’s take a closer look at these beauties, shall we?

Sarah Seven San Francisco

That was totally worth the zoom.

The shop was on the second floor of an old San Francisco building with a bay window and old wooden floors that creaked when you walked on them. The door was unmarked, like it was a secret. Perhaps to avoid walk-ins? The bridal consultant heard us clomping around the stairwell and came out to find us. These dresses are gorgeous, the fabrics luxurious. All the dresses are designed and made to order, custom to each individual bride, in Oakland, which is where my sister lives. How great is that?

Did I mention she asked me to be the Maid of Honor? Let the games begin!!

Later on that night we had to do a few Polish cherry vodka shots with the fam, of course.

polish vodka

One little cup is missing…one for our older sister. She can never get away from work this time of year. But we missed you!! Kisses!

We had a great meal with family friends in Piedmont that involved wine, laughs, amazing brisket, and an impromptu piano duet by two very talented pianists. I slept in most mornings, stayed up late most nights talking and listening to great music by twinkle light. Ate too much cheese, drank too much wine, and did you know it’s peony season??


Since when were peonies available in December? Madness, I tell you.


The sun in Northern California this time of year is amazing. This is the quaint little street my sister lives on. That hillside of homes were just glowing with the setting sun behind me shining on it. It blew me away. The sun is extra slanty up there, I didn’t realize how different it was from San Diego. Every sunset was a crazy golden glow, the sun always in your eyes, but you welcomed it. The sunsets in San Diego are more pink this time of year. Not that I’m complaining about beautiful pink sunsets.

It’s always tough when vacation is over, but always nice to get back home to my little world down here. Even if it does mean back to work with no vacations for awhile. This month is going to be a long one!

Let’s talk about the weather

snow day

Shall we?

It is freezing in San Diego. Literally. It snowed yesterday night! Not last night, yesterday’s last night, which would be the night before last, I guess. The weather was totally crazy and us San Diegans just totally got a kick out of it.

It was late. I had just driven home from the coast, where it wasn’t really that cold, I decided. I was surprised. It appeared it may not rain again, and I was a bit disappointed. When I walked from my car to my house I noticed how much colder it was here than a mere ten minutes earlier there (I must live in a cold pocket or something, it’s always colder here, I feel like I live in a totally different city, but I do not). I put on my cozy pj’s and hop into bed to read (okay fine, pinterest. whatever). Next thing I know there is this HUGE thunder clasp! The cats freak out! One runs to the kitchen and hides in one of the cabinets (I couldn’t find her for a full ten minutes). The other is just sort of running in circles not knowing where to go. About 20 car alarms go off immediately, I have no idea if mine is one of them. Most of them turn off pretty quick, but one is persistent and won’t be quiet. I throw my fancy warm jacket over my scantily clad pj’s, slip on some clogs and race downstairs to see if it’s my car annoying all the neighbors. It wasn’t. Good car. On my walk back I see a huge lightening bolt across the sky! It was super low, too. I live sort of on a hill, so I have a grand view of the valley (and I’d like to think, my kingdom subjects) below. This lighting bolt was parallel to me. Very low. I’m surprised it didn’t strike one of my subjects. Poor lowly subjects. Then more crazy thunder. This whole time, I could see beautiful bright stars in the sky, the big dipper was trying really hard to pour stars on my head, but I moved just in time.

Back in my cozy bed (after I found Lilli), the rain started. Hard. Then the wind. Then the hail!! I swear it was hailing. I jumped out of bed to try to prove it was hail, but you know how hail doesn’t look like hail from your window sometimes? At least, not San Diego hail. And not from upstairs. I’d have to actually get shoes on and go outside, down the stairs, again, in order to prove it to you. And I just wasn’t really willing to do that. So I just trusted my ears, and all of the “it’s hailing!” tweets I saw and stayed in bed.

It poured most of the night, the wind howled until the wee hours of the morning. And we all woke up with a mostly clear sky and freezing temperatures. Soon thereafter the snow pictures on Instagram came pouring in. Just a wee bit into the mountains there was enough snow to make snowmen and have snowball fights. Families bundled up their kids and got up there fast before it melted. Palomar Mountain has snow. Mount Laguna is covered in it. The view of it is so pretty from here in town!

And now this morning. 7am. It was 32 degrees outside. 32! Freezing temps, people! The sky is perfectly blue, not a cloud in sight. The low today will be 27. 27! (sorry I keep repeating myself) It’s a fun week to be a San Diegan, folks.

This morning I shall be braving the 32 degree weather hiking Torrey Pines (for the first time, where have I been??) whilst donning warm woolen hats, fuzzy mittens and down vests. Bring it on Jack Frost, we’re ready for you!

*Above photo stolen from Instagram because I was too busy eating pizza and looking for a dress to wear for my sisters’ wedding instead of adventuring in the snow like a normal person.

2015 Calendar

2015 printable calendar

It’s that time of year again, folks! The time of year when I spend way too much time making calendars because I’m obsessed. I’d like to think this years’ design is better than last years. (I’d also like to think I’m a supermodel, but whatever.) I’ve made the font a bit darker, and the whole thing is smaller. I did have a request to make a letter-sized one for a co-worker, so I have both versions for you. You can decide which size you want to print.

I love calendars, it’s a signal of a fresh start. New year, new goals, and even the old goals carried over. It’s like a Monday, only a thousand times better. I chose pictures I’ve taken in the past year, and even though they possibly don’t mean much to you, the memories of many of these pictures make me very happy. Hey, if you want to use your own pictures, just print them out and washi tape them over mine! (If you dare cover up the beauty of my iPhone photography)

2015 printable calendar
2015 printable calendar

The smaller size (5.5″ x 9″) is my favorite. This sucker has crop marks, so feel free to bust out your cutting mat and x-acto knife. If you don’t have those things, just use a ruler and a pencil and draw a light line to connect the crop marks then just cut it with scissors. I also wire bound them and punched a hole in the top to hang it. We went fancy this year, people! But don’t worry, just a simple hole punch to hang it will still be great.

2015 printable calendar
2015 printable calendar
2015 printable calendar

If you’re lazy or are not allowed to use scissors, then the letter size one is for you! Same everything, just larger and no crop marks.

Ready to get down to business? Download them below!

2015 CALENDAR WITH CROP MARKS (5.5″ x 9″) Please be sure to set your Page Scaling setting in the print dialog box to “none”

2015 CALENDAR (8.5″ x 11″)

I hope you have fun things to mark on your calendar this year!

Gift Guide for your Corporate Hipster

Seems kind of weird that I’m doing a gift guide this late in the game, but I was tasked with the job of finding a few gifts for clients at my day job. I found some cool stuff, so thought I’d show you. You can get all of these year round, for any occasion, so it’s totally relevant!

The clients I was curating for were all male, on the youngish side, and could possibly be classified as Corporate Hipster, if I dare. My broker wanted to spend roughly $30 per gift. Tough to find a cool gift for only $30, so a few things are a bit more expensive, but they’re all still totally affordable.

gift guide

1. CHOCOLATE WHISKEY $25 – What corporate hipster wouldn’t want chocolate whiskey distilled in Brooklyn??

2. BEAR SHAVE KIT $45 – I think it’s really just the bag, but it’s still cool, rugged, manly. It could be used for actual shaving stuff, or just an overnight toiletry bag. Let’s face it, most guys just use a large ziplock bag (this post is sponsored by ziplock) (no it’s not)

3. GENTLEMAN SOAP DISH $20 – Seriously, that’s what it’s called. I feel this one should be combined with #5.

4. MEASUREMENTS COCKTAIL SHAKER $36 – Classic icon of sophistication and revelry, if you ask me.

5. YOU DIRTY DOG SOAP $8.75 – Because he’s a man. And men are dirty.

6. THE HELL WITH WORK FLASK $24 – Need I say more?

7. CUSTOM LEATHER LUGGAGE TAGS $81 – This one is a bit more personal, but I think they’re really great. Especially for a corporate hipster who is always on a business trip.

So there you have it! Awesome gifts for the Corporate Hipster in your life. Want to know which gift my broker chose to send to his clients? The Hell With Work Flask, of course!

Happy gifting!

The Daily

Heeey there, how are you guys? What’s new? I’ve been in a steady routine of reading, trapezing, working and that’s about it. On the evenings I’m not at the rig, this is where you’ll find me:

the wasted series

Yep, sitting on my butt reading. I’m re-reading the first two books in The Wasted Series after reading Wasteland, the extra book she threw in that gives an awesome back story to the characters. I got addicted. Again. I may or may not get a chance to read the third and final one before it’s published. I love instant gratification.

Trapeze update: I’ve been working on a back end planche the last couple of classes, and it is tough to get into that trick! I do a pretty good two position planche, but this back end is throwing me for a loop. Literally, when I fall out of it! Ha! But I’ll get it! I can’t expect to nail every new trick in a mere hour and a half class. My brain gets in the way and stops me from doing things correctly. I over think it instead of just do it. An 82 year old and a 17 year old showed me up Wednesday night. That is NOT okay.

Speaking of trapeze, I came up with a genius way to stay warm! Wait for it…

arm warmers

TA DA! You guys…those are socks. That had holes in the toes, because I have my dad’s toes. So I cut the entire toe part off, stuck the heel in my elbow, cut a small slit for my thumb, and voila! Arm warmers! How’s that for a lazy DIY tutorial? Target makes amazing long socks for a mere $2 a pop. So if the old sock thing grosses you out, just buy a new pair and cut them. I seriously think I’m a genius here. I made three pairs, and I still have old knee-high’s with holes.

I am currently at war with the new property managers where I live. Okay fine, the war is only in my head. These girls aren’t very nice, and they don’t get the job done. My neighbors downstairs smoke. I think. Someone smokes, I’m assuming it’s them. I’m fine with them giving themselves lung cancer, whatever. But somehow the secondhand smoke is wafting up into my unit, through a vent or something. I smelled it off and on in the kitchen (of all places!!) when I first moved in, but it was really infrequent, and I questioned my sanity because it just doesn’t make sense. That was spring, so I had my windows open all the time. Well now it’s winter (sort of) and I’ve been closing my windows every evening. And that stinking cigarette smell is so bad! And it’s almost constant. There’s nowhere for it to go because my windows are closed, so it just fills my place with stank. I wake up in the morning to the lovely smell of secondhand smoke in my bedroom. I talked to property management and she said “Well, people can do whatever they want in their units, I can’t tell them to stop smoking.” I wasn’t telling them to stop smoking, idiot, I was telling you to figure out how it’s making its way to MY unit and block the passage! Yeah so, no solution yet. Lease is up in a few months, I need to figure out what to do before then. Maybe month-to-month and hope a good unit comes available? There’s one I totally have my eye on, not sure if it’ll be available when my lease is up, though. Timing is everything!

Okay, what else? Oh, my sister texted me a picture of this card, and it’s the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

get off my ass

You’re welcome.

This morning I managed to lose one earring whilst sleeping (that’s talent), then when I was attempting to put my little diamond earring in its place, I dropped it, it bounced into the closet door track, I fished it out with my tweezers only to find I broke it. The diamond popped out of the setting and I can’t fix it. All before 5:30am! I’m quite the talent, I am. Good thing these new earrings I just got have a clasp-thing, so I won’t lose those.


I sort of love everything from Littionary. And their packaging was fun, too.

Alright, that’s all I got! Peace out.

Trapeze Show

trapeze show

Sunday was the anticipated Trapeze Show at Trapeze High. One and all came out to support all the performers, and most of all, to be entertained. “If you’ve never been to a circus in a backyard, we assure you, this is how it’s supposed to be”, said our trusted announcer. We had double trapeze performances, rope performances, stilt walkers handing out lollipops to the kids, traveling rings act, and of course flying trapeze. The traveling rings duo was just epic. Makeup and outfits were spot on, and they looked gorgeous swinging on those suckers, so graceful and effortless.

They split up the flying trapeze performers into three troupes: the kids, the women, the men. I’m not sure how they organized the troupes in the past, but this way was great. The kids killed it! I don’t normally fly at the same time they do, but I did see them fly at rehearsal and they did great. But at the show! They just shined at the show. Parents were crying in pride. They were just adorable. Those tiny things totally showed me up. Ha!

I was first of the adult flyers, you know, worst to best! I was also the newest flyer, so of course I wouldn’t do as great as those who had been doing it for years. Things we’re moving so fast the day of the show that I was totally freaked I would miss my cue and screw everything up. I didn’t though! I nailed all my tricks and my catcher managed to catch me, despite myself. These seasoned flyers are just so great to watch! They’re crazy talented, I love having their inspiration around for me to look up to. They did some crazy tricks that looked impossible.

Speaking of impossible…the guys! Their strength is unbelievable. There was one guy visiting from France, and Dave made him perform in the show. I have no idea how long he’s been flying, but he’s pretty incredible. He gave our flyers a run for their money, but ours are just as talented, if not more. They we’re the most fun to watch.

Outfits! Everyone had such great outfits! Chris & Gina did an amazing job on their double trap performance (they are so strong! One trick Gina was holding him up by one foot using only her thighs. Thighs!) and Gina had two great outfits. One for double trap, one for flying. You will be happy to know that my makeup turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself (evidence below). And no wardrobe malfunctions. Fabulous! A few of my friends came out to see me (thank you friends!) and we went out for sushi afterwards. One of them asked where I was going to change clothes. Um…I’m not changing! Yep, wore sequins and polka dots with circus makeup to dinner. What if I showed up in that makeup and a normal outfit? That would’ve been weirder.

Alright, ready for some pictures?

circus trapeze show
circus trapeze showcircus trapeze showcircus trapeze showcircus trapeze show
circus trapeze showIMG_6568

Wanna see me fly now? Sure you do.

circus trapeze show
circus trapeze show
circus trapeze show
circus trapeze show
circus trapeze makeup

I loved my little sequined onesie. It even had pockets. Now to figure out where else to wear that sucker. Without the polka dot tights, of course. I painstakingly sewed each little hot pink sequin on those wrist wraps, too. It was totally worth it.

I almost forgot videos! Is this post long enough? Sorry (no I’m not).

Okay, there you go. Until the next show!

Show Preparations

static trapeze

The show is in a week, and I realized how close it was and I only knew one of the two tricks I was expected to perform. Everyone gets a warm up swing and two tricks. I knew one. Last week I tried back end splits and utterly failed at that. So I resigned myself to just doing two-position splits in the show, and I can work on back end after the show is over. I needed to land planche and fast. I had attempted it a year ago, but never fully got into position. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to learn it in time. But good news! I did! I landed it over and over again yesterday, and that was just great. Little tweaks are in order, like tightening up a bit more, and making sure I look where I’m supposed to look at the right times. But all in all…I got my second show trick. Fabulous!

Friday I had to practice show makeup. Let’s get one thing straight…I am no good at makeup! Daily, but especially show makeup! Totally out of my element here. But I found a picture I wanted to copy, and I made my way through the makeup department at Target, came home, and started heavily applying black to my eyelids. Is it going to be perfect? Heck no! But absolutely good enough, and might even turn out great, who knows? I thought it was pretty good after my practice session Friday night. For me, anyway.

Yesterday I went out to look for a trapeze show outfit. This is the best part, right? The outfit! A show outfit! We have specific show colors that we cannot deviate from. I already have some amazing black leggings with mesh cut outs and silver sequin hot pants, but those are not in the color palette. Sad. I went to the ghetto mall (you know, the Carlsbad one), as one does when they’re trying to find teeny-bopper inexpensive sequin outfits. My go-to store didn’t exist anymore, so I was a bit worried. But guess who did not fail me? Forever 21, of course! They are always down for some quality sequins, let me tell you. That’s where I found my sequin hot pants a couple years ago.

I tried on lots of different sequin items in lots of different stores. But, you know, I had to make sure I could really move in the clothes. So I had to test it out. I left the privacy of my own dressing room cubicle and proceeded to do handstands with lots of leg movements up there to make sure I had the mobility I needed with no costume malfunctions. In front of everyone else in the dressing room area. Was it embarrassing? Not for me. Probably was for my mom, who was with me. But lets be honest here, she embarrassed me by always opening the dressing room door when I was stark naked. Yes, they still do that when you’re in your 30’s. Sheesh. By the third store I didn’t give her dressing room privileges. Enough is enough, am I right? She was extremely helpful in the sequin-outfit department, though. And zipped up things that I could never reach on my own. (Also, she bought me lunch. Hooray for moms!)

So, outfit: check. Makeup: check. Tricks: check! Now to just get rid of this darn cold my body decided to get yesterday, and all will be well. In the meantime, I’ll be staying in bed all day Netflixing my life away.

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