Why One Should Always Check the Children’s Isle. I Mean Aisle.

I have a tip for you today. First tip: learn “aisle” from “isle”. Done. Second tip: always check the children’s aisle in stores!

Last night I was aimlessly walking through my very favorite store, Target, looking for toilet paper. Let me discuss my love for Target for a moment. Target has been my best friend through thick and thin. (Except for that one time she was out of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, then she was dead to me. But she redeemed herself the next day when she stocked up her innards.) She was there for me when no one else in the world could be. I spent lavish afternoons wandering down her isles aisles, looking for treasures to cure my lonely and sad soul. And she did. Every. Single. Time. I know the best Target stores in San Diego County. The one in Encinitas is just good all around. The one in Vista great for clothes! The one in Carlsbad great for housewares. The one in Oceanside, great for nothing. Ugh, that one’s low on the totem pole, folks, don’t even bother. Unless it’s an emergency and you need to get your fix immediately but you’re too lazy to get on the freeway.

So back to last night…I was driving home from a lovely dinner, but it was earlier than I thought it would be (or the time change is still screwing with me) and I remembered that I needed toilet paper. I had one roll left and my cat had already discovered it and proceeded to shred it. Desperation time, folks. So I decided to take a detour on my way home and go to Target. This is a special Target, because I used to live by that one and it’s huge and amazing and has a Starbucks inside. So I was all giddy about seeing my old friend again. The thing about Target (as you know) you can’t leave with just the one thing you came in for. You can’t. Impossible. It’s like Costco. Next thing I knew, I had a flower pot, a set of sheets, and still no toilet paper in my cart. Oops! Good thing I didn’t allow myself to look at the clothes. So, I decide I need to leave that section of the store and head for the toilet paper before things get totally out of hand. I glance to my left, and whaa?? What’s that beauty over there? It’s a fabric bin/basket with handles and thick bright green stripes on the outside. It’s just like this, only green:

circo bin target

I have had such an addiction to bins lately! I have a closet with tons of shelves in my new bathroom. That sounds kind of weird. Let me explain…my bathroom is just the toilet and bathtub, that door closes. The sink area is separate, and has a closet with said shelves. Those shelves are just dying for bins! I already got a bunch, but when I saw this green beauty for a mere $12, I just HAD to have it. Pop that sucker in my cart, fill it with my sheets and stone flower pot and cat food. Dual purpose bin!

As you can see from this picture, it is perfectly cat-sized. You can also see that I managed to find the toilet paper. Success!

kitty in bin

What am I going to put into said bin? Time will only tell. But the take-away here is…always check out the children’s aisle in stores. You could find treasures beyond your imagination!

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