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air traffic controller - you know me

There’s this band from Boston. They’re called Air Traffic Controller. I saw them live in LA a while back, you may remember. Well, they just released a video of my very favorite song by them, You Know Me. Bose recorded it live, and it is simply perfect. I love him in that hat. I love her in that red lipstick. I love the empty warehouse and use of lights in the daytime. This is such an amazing song, and this recording is just epic.

When I met Dave, he told me he wrote this song for his wife, then introduced me to his wife, who was working the merch booth. This is such a great band. They are freaking talented, ridiculously nice, and are just amazing on stage. I recorded their performance of this song on my phone that night, but since I was literally touching the speakers, the sound quality is horrible, so I didn’t post my video. Instead, I thought you might want to see the professional, high quality live performance Bose recorded in Brooklyn.


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// Image above: Screenshot from the video, courtesy Bose

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  1. karen
    October 16, 2014 at 9:47 pm (2 years ago)

    Now I love that song too! Thanks for the video, Angela!!!!


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