Kate Spade

I ventured into a Kate Spade outlet store the other day. Turns out it was a really good idea.

kate spade new york clutch

I want that clutch so bad! On sale it was $89. And made of paper. The outside, anyway. It had me fooled, even. I knew I was in a store that sells purses, fancy ones at that. But when I saw the bin of New York maps, I really thought they were fancy New York maps. I picked one up thinking…oooo maybe I can put it on my wall! Nope…a clutch. With amazing black & white striped interior.

I also liked this…

kate spade purse

Solely for the fact it was poppy colored, duh. I don’t even like purses. Right now I’m carrying around a clutch that doesn’t even fit a wallet. Because purses are annoying and in my way. Which is why I need that awesome New York map clutch.

Any takers? I mean givers?

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