Half Turn Catch

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So, I’ve been working on this trick for awhile. Descriptively called Half turn, half turn, half turn. In case you haven’t guessed from the name of the trick, I turn three times. First a regular turn around, but then on the front end I push the bar down, half turn to the catcher. And if there’s no catcher, half turn again to land on my back in the net. I talked about it a little bit here.

When you keep working on a trick for too long and you’re in your head too much, it’s best to just stop that trick and try another. Halfway through class on Saturday, Susan told me “Try it one more time. If you don’t turn, stop for awhile and work on something else.” I was just in my freaking head! I had done it in class the week before, but my brain was stopping me from turning. I would just back drop. And I was so frustrated.

But I wasn’t ready to give up this trick. There are a few things my kid-self wished she could do, whilst dreaming of being a trapeze artist. One was to be caught then turn around mid-air, catch the bar and get back on the board. This was my chance! Another dream trick! I was NOT going to give up.

I gave myself a(nother) pep-talk while climbing the ladder. Susan, Tori, Noah, Dave and the entire audience (there were a lot of visitors that day!) had been giving me pep talks all day, telling me what I did good that time, everyone yelling at me “TURN!” when I was supposed to. (I like it when they yell. My body tends to obey.) I wasn’t going to leave not turning!

And turn I did. I did it twice in a row. Not very pretty. But I turned. Then it was time for catching. Dave told me to throw that trick. I ran it by Noah, he was game. So I threw that freaking trick and he freaking caught it! The great catcher that he is. Because I barely pushed that bar down at all. Kenny got up on the catch bar after Noah and caught me again. Noah took a video. Have I mentioned how much I love these people?? Pushing you when you need it, telling you where you’re doing good, and video’ing you when you don’t even know it. Also, they’re just awesome.

Hopefully by the show I’ll get back to the bar and possibly back on the board? At least to the bar. And another new trick! Always reach for the next tough thing, right?

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  1. Tayster
    June 22, 2015 at 10:14 am (9 months ago)

    This might be too basic for your impressive skills, but the science center at the Reuben H. Fleet theatre now has an interactive presentation on science under the big top. https://www.rhfleet.org/exhibitions/circus


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