Gift Guide for your Corporate Hipster

Seems kind of weird that I’m doing a gift guide this late in the game, but I was tasked with the job of finding a few gifts for clients at my day job. I found some cool stuff, so thought I’d show you. You can get all of these year round, for any occasion, so it’s totally relevant!

The clients I was curating for were all male, on the youngish side, and could possibly be classified as Corporate Hipster, if I dare. My broker wanted to spend roughly $30 per gift. Tough to find a cool gift for only $30, so a few things are a bit more expensive, but they’re all still totally affordable.

gift guide

1. CHOCOLATE WHISKEY $25 – What corporate hipster wouldn’t want chocolate whiskey distilled in Brooklyn??

2. BEAR SHAVE KIT $45 – I think it’s really just the bag, but it’s still cool, rugged, manly. It could be used for actual shaving stuff, or just an overnight toiletry bag. Let’s face it, most guys just use a large ziplock bag (this post is sponsored by ziplock) (no it’s not)

3. GENTLEMAN SOAP DISH $20 – Seriously, that’s what it’s called. I feel this one should be combined with #5.

4. MEASUREMENTS COCKTAIL SHAKER $36 – Classic icon of sophistication and revelry, if you ask me.

5. YOU DIRTY DOG SOAP $8.75 – Because he’s a man. And men are dirty.

6. THE HELL WITH WORK FLASK $24 – Need I say more?

7. CUSTOM LEATHER LUGGAGE TAGS $81 – This one is a bit more personal, but I think they’re really great. Especially for a corporate hipster who is always on a business trip.

So there you have it! Awesome gifts for the Corporate Hipster in your life. Want to know which gift my broker chose to send to his clients? The Hell With Work Flask, of course!

Happy gifting!

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  1. karen
    December 19, 2014 at 5:53 am (1 year ago)

    Wow Angela! This is very useful information and beautifully presented. Looks like a magazine layout to me!


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