Free as a Bird

Guess who took her first swing(s) out of safety lines??

Yep, that would be me! I think I can truly say I’m training to be a trapeze artist now. Right? I felt like I was lying every time I told people that (which was every chance I got, of course), but now it’s GOT to be true. Out of lines, baby!!

This doesn’t mean I don’t have safety lines for every trick. This is only on the warm up swing. Each time I safely perfect a trick, then I will be allowed to perform it out of lines. When you don’t have those safety lines to get all tangled up in, you can do net tricks! That’s what you saw me do at the end of the video, when I hit the net. I have no idea what they call that net trick. Pencil something, maybe? You land first on your back, then do a 360 and land on your back again. Apparently I did a good enough job the first time, Tori’s “oooooo!” told me so.

It’s so good for me to watch videos of me flying. I can totally see what I need to improve on immediately. I had no idea I was bending my legs that much (we won’t discuss all the other flaws I saw).

Things are much smoother without those darn lines in the way. It’s quieter, you swing higher, have more control. I love it. I’m so addicted to this, you guys.

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