I am just giddy with Fall lately, and it’s not even here yet. It’s still hot in San Diego. But the wee hours of the morning are starting to feel like fall. (Do you call it Fall or Autumn? Autumn sounds so much prettier, but I’ve never said it seriously. Only when I’m pretending to be from Connecticut or something.) With fall comes crisp air, scarves, boots(!!), fuzzy robes and slippers whilst drinking coffee on the deck, excuse to stay home on the weekends and watch movies on the couch. In fact, I already bought a pair of new slippers in my excitement (aka Target frenzy).

My fall is already proving to be not as amazing as my summer was. But I’ll do my best. I have plans, goals, lists. And guess what? I hear the trend for fall is to have unkempt eyebrows! That’s just fabulous for us lazy people out there who have never really cared what their eyebrows look like but always thought they should. Don’t do anything with them? Great! Thank you, trend-setters.

Also, my blog is an entire year old next month. It’s been a year?! Crazy. So, thanks for sticking around. Reading my crazy ramblings. Looking at my weird pictures. I appreciate you. Should we throw a party or something?

And now, since we need a picture in this here post otherwise it’s REALLY boring…

distraught girl

Bam. There you are. Peace out.

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    • Raven
      September 12, 2014 at 4:12 pm (2 years ago)

      I’m so glad you found that Tay, thank you! I love that picture, it’s incredible.


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