End of the Bed Bench

I want to make this bench!

A Beautiful Mess - end of bed bench

I just saw it on A Beautiful Mess. And I’m newly obsessed. I saw a similar bench for about $500 recently, and thought it would be so great for at the end of my bed. But who has $500 to spend on something you’re just going to throw clothes on at the end of the day? Not I, said the fly.

I’ll make a few adjustments. Thicker board, pulling the batting around to the back so I don’t whack my knee on the corners, and find an awesome cheap rug at Marshalls or Home Goods or something. I’m not loving the pattern on this, I can totally find better (so humble).

I felt you should know. Now you may go about your day. OR…get to building this bench and send me a picture of it! Here’s how to make it…A Beautiful Mess: DIY Bedside Bench

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