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Heeey there, how are you guys? What’s new? I’ve been in a steady routine of reading, trapezing, working and that’s about it. On the evenings I’m not at the rig, this is where you’ll find me:

the wasted series

Yep, sitting on my butt reading. I’m re-reading the first two books in The Wasted Series after reading Wasteland, the extra book she threw in that gives an awesome back story to the characters. I got addicted. Again. I may or may not get a chance to read the third and final one before it’s published. I love instant gratification.

Trapeze update: I’ve been working on a back end planche the last couple of classes, and it is tough to get into that trick! I do a pretty good two position planche, but this back end is throwing me for a loop. Literally, when I fall out of it! Ha! But I’ll get it! I can’t expect to nail every new trick in a mere hour and a half class. My brain gets in the way and stops me from doing things correctly. I over think it instead of just do it. An 82 year old and a 17 year old showed me up Wednesday night. That is NOT okay.

Speaking of trapeze, I came up with a genius way to stay warm! Wait for it…

arm warmers

TA DA! You guys…those are socks. That had holes in the toes, because I have my dad’s toes. So I cut the entire toe part off, stuck the heel in my elbow, cut a small slit for my thumb, and voila! Arm warmers! How’s that for a lazy DIY tutorial? Target makes amazing long socks for a mere $2 a pop. So if the old sock thing grosses you out, just buy a new pair and cut them. I seriously think I’m a genius here. I made three pairs, and I still have old knee-high’s with holes.

I am currently at war with the new property managers where I live. Okay fine, the war is only in my head. These girls aren’t very nice, and they don’t get the job done. My neighbors downstairs smoke. I think. Someone smokes, I’m assuming it’s them. I’m fine with them giving themselves lung cancer, whatever. But somehow the secondhand smoke is wafting up into my unit, through a vent or something. I smelled it off and on in the kitchen (of all places!!) when I first moved in, but it was really infrequent, and I questioned my sanity because it just doesn’t make sense. That was spring, so I had my windows open all the time. Well now it’s winter (sort of) and I’ve been closing my windows every evening. And that stinking cigarette smell is so bad! And it’s almost constant. There’s nowhere for it to go because my windows are closed, so it just fills my place with stank. I wake up in the morning to the lovely smell of secondhand smoke in my bedroom. I talked to property management and she said “Well, people can do whatever they want in their units, I can’t tell them to stop smoking.” I wasn’t telling them to stop smoking, idiot, I was telling you to figure out how it’s making its way to MY unit and block the passage! Yeah so, no solution yet. Lease is up in a few months, I need to figure out what to do before then. Maybe month-to-month and hope a good unit comes available? There’s one I totally have my eye on, not sure if it’ll be available when my lease is up, though. Timing is everything!

Okay, what else? Oh, my sister texted me a picture of this card, and it’s the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

get off my ass

You’re welcome.

This morning I managed to lose one earring whilst sleeping (that’s talent), then when I was attempting to put my little diamond earring in its place, I dropped it, it bounced into the closet door track, I fished it out with my tweezers only to find I broke it. The diamond popped out of the setting and I can’t fix it. All before 5:30am! I’m quite the talent, I am. Good thing these new earrings I just got have a clasp-thing, so I won’t lose those.


I sort of love everything from Littionary. And their packaging was fun, too.

Alright, that’s all I got! Peace out.

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  1. karen
    December 14, 2014 at 7:23 pm (1 year ago)

    You are always thinking . . . cute sock arm warmers. Pure genius!!!!


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