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Adventures of the Dress: Kickstarter Campaign

I have been involved in a special project with my close friend (and very talented author, photographer, designer and all around badass) Cara Vescio, for…well, years. I don’t even remember when this started, to be honest. I do remember when she first came across her cousin’s old wedding dress while cleaning out her garage, and she just knew she could use it for some future photography shenanigan. She always had a photography project up her sleeve, and loved to hoard random outfits just for the possible occasion.

But this dress had a plan of it’s own.

What started out to be one fun photo shoot, turned into twenty-plus photo shoots of twenty-plus different women all over the world in this same dress. Each of us brought it to life in our own way. Or was it the dress that brought us to life? We each put our own flare to the dress and our shoot, but I am here to tell you, that putting that dress on, lacing up my black converse underneath…that dress morphed into my personality, my true personality. I felt alive, gorgeous, confident, crazy, I felt like I could do anything. I could be anyone. More importantly, I could be myself. Each of us had a story to tell, a struggle, a life. We were all fighting something, as we all do. And this project was one of the small pieces of the puzzle that help make everything make sense again.

adventures of the dress kickstarter

Here’s where we come in…Cara is putting together a 120-page coffee table book of these photos and our individual stories. And she needs our help! She is launching a Kickstarter campaign May 7th – June 7th, to raise money to publish this book. What is Kickstarter? You can read about it here but in plain terms, it’s a way to fund creative projects that you believe in. It’s been around for awhile now, and has proved to be very successful. It’s a way to see people’s amazingly creative ideas to come to life. I’ve personally contributed to a few Kickstarter campaigns in my day, and I do not regret them.

There will be different tiers of donations for different amounts, large and small. The best part? It comes with presents! For example, if you contribute $45, you will receive a hardbound copy of Adventures of the Dress, if successfully funded. And come on, don’t you want a book that has a couple pictures of ME in it?? There will be other reward levels with different gifts, some relating to one of the models if you know them (um…me). I have no idea what the rewards are, but I can’t wait to find out!

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for their pledge toward a project unless it reaches its funding goal. It’s very important that the launch day of the project is big! If you know you want to pledge something, if possible, please do so in the first few days (launch day May 7th!). The more people that pledge that day, the more likely we’ll get high in rankings and be on popular pages and get way more exposure. I’ll post here the direct link to the project on launch day, but anyone can just go to and search for “Adventures of the Dress” and easily find it.

Wanna see the cover?

adventures of the dress kickstarter campaign

I have seen so many pictures from shoots that she did with these women, and trust me, they are great. Look at that one up there! So fun. I did two different shoots and I have no idea which photos she chose of me to go in the book. One of the shoots was smack dab in the middle of Comic-Con, and when people asked us what I was dressed up as, Cara responded “A John Hughes film”. Yeah. You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

THANK YOU all for reading this really long post! I completely believe in this project, and am so proud of all the women involved, and thankful for Cara to let us play dress up and tell our stories- the good, bad, and the ugly. Sometimes you just have to put on a tattered and torn tulle wedding dress to realize life is really great.

Del Mar

Most people weren’t in the office this particular Monday I went in, because it was a holiday. Our office was closed. We had a server upgrade that weekend, and I needed to be there early Monday morning to make sure everything migrated over okay. I decided to bring my camera and new lens I just purchased, to try it out after I was done fixing server glitches, to make sure it was the zoom range I was looking for.

There’s this great walking trail up on the cliffs in Del Mar at the end of Del Mar Heights Road. I had no idea it was there. It was the perfect place for me to test out this lens for my Canon, because it was a massive zoom lens! I didn’t realize how much of a zoom it was. I’m glad I gave it a test drive, because I ended up taking it back. It would’ve been great if I did surf photography, or something. I fInally decided on a lens that’s 18mm-135mm and I absolutely love it. It’s a great walk around lens with a great range. But first…here are pictures from the 75mm-250mm…

del mar beach
del mar beachdel mar beach
del mar beach
del mar beach
del mar beach

This nice man was sitting on that chair. He had watched me take a few pictures down the way, and when I walked by, he jumped up and insisted I take a picture of that Adirondack chair. I knew my lens was way too zoomy for me to capture it right, but he was so happy that I would photograph it, so I did. I may or may not have almost fell off the cliff, but I got a shot. Thank you sweet man!

train tracks del mar
del mar beach