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Circus shoes and other dreams

I had a dream last night that I figured out a way to record my dreams on my iphone. How brilliant would that be if we could do that?? No more forgetting the awesome dreams you had, you could just play them back. You know how when you try to tell someone what you dreamt about (like what I’m attempting to do right here) and you can’t convey it just right and they just don’t get it, nor do they care? Well now you can just sigh, roll your eyes, whip out your phone and show them for themselves. Then their eyes will brighten, they’ll look at you and say “I get it, Ang (insert your name here), I get it!”  Anyway, it would be amazing if it were true. It reminded me of Inception, because I had a dream in my dream, but then I watched the playback of my dream in my dream. Or was the dream I was watching just another dream I really dreamt in really life?

My brain hurts.

Speaking of brains, I’m learning to juggle. You’d know that if you were following my Instagram. If you’re not following my Instagram, shame on you (aka you must have a life, and really, that’s better). I decided to video my progress, because, duh.

Clearly it needs some work. But I’m totally getting it, and that’s very exciting.

Also, I found these amazing circus shoes at Nordstrom Rack that were originally $250, but on clearance for $30 because who in their right mind would buy circus shoes?!

circus shoes

I guess I’m not in my right mind (just ask that guy in the mirror, it’s clear from his face that he’s judging me). But they’re amazing and make me incredibly happy. And currently being displayed in my bookcase, as circus shoes should be.

circus shoes

Next to my juggling balls, of course (when not in use).

Brooklyn at Dawn

high street

I had a dream we were staying in Brooklyn for two weeks. We were only working two days a week while we were there. The other days could be filled with adventure and memories. Each morning we’d walk down the tree-lined streets just after the sun came up and stop at our favorite coffee shop. There was a foggy haze beneath the boughs today, climbing up the sidewalk toward us. An old teal VW bus broke the crisp silence on the street as it passed by. We forgot our coffee shop was there, it had been so long. When we saw it, we looked at each other smiling, reading each other’s minds.

It’s a small shop, the front lined with paned windows with peeling white paint. The same pink metal bistro table and chairs sit outside empty, waiting for someone to keep it company. The early sun, still low in the sky, casts its rays on the table through the trees, hoping to appease it. There are potted plants at the chairs’ feet, underneath the floor-to-ceiling windows. The terracotta is chipped, weathered. The herbs and flowers inside well loved and cared for, still wet from the morning dew.

We walk past the window, see the barista behind the counter putting out fresh pastries. We round the corner and walk through the front door, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filling our noses. You order a regular coffee with milk and cheese danish, I order a latte and croissant. They were both baked fresh that morning.

We take our pastries and coffee to go, leaving the lonely bistro table behind us. Hand in hand we sip our coffees while heading toward the water. We find an empty bench on The Promenade, sit there watching the sun glisten on the city’s windows while runners pass behind us, probably wondering why we’re lazy slobs not exercising or going to work mid-week (and eating fattening pastries, at that). It reminds us of the time I took up running when we lived there, at the best time of year to do that…in the middle of summer. Lunchtime runs across the bridge didn’t last long in that heat. I made you go with me early mornings instead. You literally ran circles around me in Cadman Plaza, hurdling over trash cans, as I could barely catch my breath. We laughed at that memory, decided to walk through that park later on today.

The sun is getting higher in the sky, our coffee cups empty. We throw them in the trash and walk towards High Street Station to catch the train to the city. I wonder what today’s adventures will bring…