I can’t wait until I turn 40.

Because then I’ll be able to get…


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Reading glasses! These girls both have major hair issues. But their glasses are crazy cute, right? I’ve wanted glasses for so long. In high school I was so convinced I needed glasses that I made my mom take me to get my eyes checked. Three hours and two dilated pupils later, I had better than 20/20 vision. Better?! That is just not fair. My mom assured me once I hit 40 I’ll need reading glasses.

I’ve been counting down the days ever since. I’m a mere one and a half years away. If my eyes don’t immediately go wonky on my 40th birthday, I will be utterly devastated.

A few months ago on a crisp Santa Monica evening, I followed the scent of Anthropologie straight through their unmarked doors. If you’re as obsessed with Anthro as I am, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, they had a little display of reading glasses and I fell in love with about three of them. I found the ones that had the least prescription strength (is that what you call it? I don’t even know eye lingo) and tried to convince my eyes they needed that little bit of help. The headache was already starting.

Okay FINE I don’t need glasses yet. But I can prepare! Below are some sweet, swanky & sassy reading glasses from Anthropologie. Totally affordable, too. Hey, I didn’t say cheap. I said affordable. Keep in mind folks, these are on your face. And you wear them every day. Spend a little on them, alright?

anthropologie glasses

  1. Spotted Sleeve Reading Glasses – $78
    These suckers might be my favorite. What character! Some may say the polka dots and stripes are way overdone lately. But they’re classic, people. Classic. No such thing as being overdone.
  2. Eyebobs Italia Reading Glasses – $68
    These are smart looking glasses. Everyone will take you seriously in these. Wear them to your next board meeting.
  3. Eyebobs Tessellation Reading Glasses – $68
    I love the color of these. As you can see in the next two choices.
  4. Bloomsbury Reading Glasses – $38
    If you’re a bit scared to go all blue, maybe these will suit you. A bit more conservative, but still with some fun.
  5. Tortoise & Blonde Katherine Reading Glasses – $98
    Yowza, them be beauties! I love it when there’s color inside of things. And the shape of these are retro but still oh so stylish.
  6. Alberta Street Reading Glasses – $38
    These are in my top 3. I love the shape, interestingly the color, too. Green seems…I don’t know, boring? But there’s something about these that make my skirt fly up. And check out that price!

My favorites are 1, 5, 6. And 2. Yikes, this is hard. The day I turn 40 I’ll have to go in and try them all on to see which look best on me. Until then, I’ll stop eating carrots and keep reading in the dark and do all the other things your mother told you not to do so you don’t ruin your eyesight.

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