Finding the best belly band holster online can be a challenge. You may feel frustrated about wasting your time and money on uncomfortable, unsafe or hidden lap belts. The quality of your belly band hostler creates a change in the quality of your protection.

Most people who hold a revolver carry it with a belly band holster. The most common method of hidden carrying is the IWB clipboard holder, which is typically worn from three hours to four hours.

However, there are cases where the normal holster may not work. The band belt makes it easier to carry a pistol. If you are not used to the hostler bands, it is simply a large elastic band, worn around the hips and secured by Velcro.

If you’re looking for a good belly band, consider one of the following options as they are among the top rated belly band holster:

  • The clipboard for ultimate hidden transport
  • Bluestone Black Belly Holster
  • Adjustable tactical holster gun
  • AlphaHolster Gun Holster
  • Hipp Hoger classic

What to Look for in a Belly Band Holster

The general requirements for a concealed carrying case apply to the concealment belt pouch. This is because it effectively covers the trigger guard, has minimal retention and holds the gun securely.

Many abdominal strap cases also contain one or more spare spaces for storage, so the case should keep and protect them. You should avoid any design designed for a small rear load as this type of load increases a lot of safety risks, especially regarding damage to the spine.

The case should be checked to see if it slips or bounces easily when performing very active tasks and if it can be wrapped tightly over the body to provide the necessary rigidity. Make sure your revolver will fit or be designed to fit the team case you buy.

Belt Holsters are a great choice for both everyday purposes and in activities where other carry methods are not suitable.

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