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Best Filters to Clean Pools and Tubs

In every pool or tub, good filtration equipment is of the utmost importance since it is a key factor for hygiene and water maintenance. The main function of these devices is to release water from the solid impurities suspended in it in order to prevent our body from absorbing them through the skin. For this reason, it is essential to carry out a deep cleaning process that allows us to reduce to the maximum the dirt and harmful elements present in our appliance.

It should be noted that although the water looks transparent and clear, it can have invisible particles as polluting as those we can see easily. That is why it is necessary to execute a disinfection technique with chemicals in parallel or after filtering. Water filtration represents almost 80% of the effectiveness of its maintenance, so, knowing what is the best mechanism is the first step we must follow. Its system is composed, primarily, by the pump for pools or tubs and the filter as such, both elements play a crucial role in the water purification process meanwhile the former allows its circulation and the latter purifies it.

In the market, there are several types of filters but the most convenient in every case will depend on the requirements of each person, its operation is quite similar although each one has its advantages and disadvantages individually. All of them demand, mainly, the pumping system that allows the movement of the water so that it runs through the purification circuit. Then, it passes to the filter to be freed from all the unwanted particles and it is returned to the container. The most common filters are sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth filters.

Sand filters are composed of a compartment containing silica sand, which is responsible for filtering the water, removing organic waste such as dirt, hair or body oils. This type of devices is the most demanded as it does not require a lot of maintenance and it can last even more than 7 years without needing to be replaced. In addition, the procedure that they carry out is natural and chemical free.

On the other hand, we have cartridge filters; these systems are based on cleaning through replaceable cartridges that have the ability to separate very tiny particles from water. This method requires more maintenance considering that cartridges have an estimated life time that ranges between 6 and 12 months, moreover, they must be cleaned weekly to make them more effective.

Finally, we have diatom or diatomaceous earth filters, their operation is very similar to that of cartridges, however, they have diatom or diatomaceous earth; small fossilized elements whose main property is to filter the water. Its power is superior to that of other methods since it manages to absorb even those particles so small that they are invisible to the human eye, they are also capable of eliminating the remains of oils and tanning creams. They are very advisable although they are the most expensive option among all.

To be able to choose which the best type of filter is, it is important that you analyze the characteristics of your tub or pool and, in this way; you will know which is the most suitable for you.

What are the best one-piece camping multi tool?

It is obvious that the best camping multi tool is the essential part of any outdoor task that can handle many situations. However, I realized that the biggest problem with the camping multi tools that I have been used before is that the moving parts of it tent to be break over time. Plus, the moving parts also add complexity and bulk.

This is why I want to get a one-piece camping tool. The one-piece multi tool has a simple design. It does not include any moving parts but still effective, easy to use, travel-friendly and discreet. If you do not need a tool for a lot of demand tasks, then one-piece camping multi tool is good way to go.

#1 Koygani Design MyKee Brushed Titanium Multi-Tool Key

You can expect that MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool is more effective, durable and also lighter than others multi-tool. Although it is simple design, it is a combination of 18 functions in 1 tool that ensure the long lasting even under daily wear and tear.

It is made of stainless steel and titanium material, what make it corrode and rust resistant. It is made in the USA and design in the key shape, so if you want to get something discreet, it is a good option as you can add it on your keyring without any attention.

About its function, it includes a bottle opener, blade, and hex set, and also a screwdriver as well. Additionally, there are a blade at the side of the key that can be used as an opener for seal, letter, pill, opener, lotto scratcher, cuticle pusher, tag popper, and even a peeler for some root veggies. This useful multi-tool is also affordable that can satisfy your needs.

#2 LEATHERMAN, Brewzer Keychain Bottle Opener

It can be a shortcoming if I do not mention LEATHERMAN products on this list. The Leatherman Brewzer is absolutely effective tool that can help you open the bottle of brew any time you want. It comes with a flat tip, which you can use to pry. It is made of stainless steel material for the most durability.

It is designed to perfectly add on your keychain or in your pocket due to that simple design and compact size. It only weighs 0.01 Kilograms and the length is just 5.5 inches, what makes it one of the smallest multi-tool on the market.

The Leatherman product is well-known by their quality and  takes unusual quality assurance measures during process to ensure the product are sold on the market without any damage and last for such a very long time. It is even more wonderful with the 25-year life time warranty.

That means during 25 year after you bought the Brewzer Keychain, if there is any problem comes from the product, Leatherman will replace or repair it for you. If you bought Brewzer Keychain from a company-authorized dealer, so you can be required to use this customer service.

#3 Kershaw PT-2 Compact Keychain Pry Tool

Although Kershaw PT-2 multi-tool is made in China and is an inexpensive tool, but you can expect that it offers you the great quality. This Chinese steel is the combine of carbon and a bit less nickel, what makes it is very strong and durable. The materials making it is wear resistant and last for long. It is coated with Bead-Blasted for more attractive.

It is designed to easy carry due to its small size and keychain shape, the Kershaw PT-2 multi-tool can be an addition for your keychains or lanyards. It even comes with the lanyard hole at the top, where you can hook on your purse, backpack, or pocket. It can be used as bottle opener, mini pry bar, flathead screwdriver tips, hex wrenches with 3 sizes, and wire scraper. All of these features make it very useful to carry with whenever you are outdoor.

The handle is made of nylon and being filled with glass overlay with exclusive K-texture pattern. This pattern offers the safe, firmly grip for user.  It is corrosion-resistant that can last for so long and aside from the function below, it is also a box opener, a knife for cutting tape, or a can opener. It is the perfect multi-tool to open your glass bottles, drive bolts, tighten different sizes of screws, remove nails, splice wires, or pry open a variety of objects.

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Buying Guide: Best Emergency Water Storage Containers

When it comes to outdoor activities, water is an absolute necessity, and having a good way to store it is crucial whether you’re camping, or just need a lot of water for a cookout. Using large jugs of water is an option, however we are looking for the best water storage on the market, that we can rely on in times of need. The WaterBrick stackable containers are a great option, especially if you need mass amounts of water, and want an efficient way to store it. These containers are very large when it comes to water storage, however, very small to store because of their stack-ability. Another option, if you’re trying to store water very efficiently, is a backpack water container. This is an option focused more on activities such as hiking, while the water brick is focused on having mass amounts of water in a compact space, perfect for emergencies or a giant cookout.

Using These Products

For any situation, there will be many options that you consider as some of the best emergency water storage containers. However, there is a huge difference between the small jugs you get at a supermarket, and 50 gallon barrels you have to order online. One may fit your bill more, but make sure that your future activities are pre-meditated, and the correct option is chosen. Between the two options listed in the above section, there are some good choices that can both store a lot of water for an emergency, and not take up too much room for your next adventure. If convenience is a big factor in purchasing water storage containers, there are a lot of options such as the “Legacy Premium” blue water containers that have attachments for dispensing water, and many water backpacks for easy water access and portability. At the end of the day, having any storage is better than none, and hopefully these suggestions can help you choose the right storage for you.

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How to proper use the best survival clothing?

When faced with the harshest conditions, the best survival clothing can be the difference between life and death. To ready to tackle all obstacles in various climates, you have to choose the right clothes and use them for proper purpose that they are designed for.

Even you are in a survival situation unexpectedly or you want to explore new things outdoor, survival tools such as wool blankets or survival clothing will make you confident to have the ultimate comfortable experience. Follow our advices and tips below to know proper way to use and choose survival clothing.

#1 Materials

When it comes to material, the options that you can choose are almost endless. Here are some tips for the ideal survival clothing materials.

Cotton is one of the most common material that made of clothes. However, we want to recommend you avoid cotton in the survival clothes. Cotton absorb very well, that means it retains water and this make it heavy and slow to dry. In case if you have to walk across the stream or walk in the rain, the cotton cloth will become your obstacle.

Wool is the ideal material for survival clothing. It can retain heat even when it wet. Wool also the natural fire resistant material in the emergency situation. However, it is usually pretty costly but is definitely durable and worth your money.

There are also some materials that made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. They are highly appreciated for their ability of water resistant, quick drying, offer protection for UV rays, and can be packed into very small spaces.

#2 Layering clothing

Layering clothing is always better than wearing one think layer. Layering clothing is an effective way of increasing insulation and allow you to adjust your body temperature. If you’re wearing one layer such as a big winter coat, you don’t have any way to adjust your temperature when you feel too hot. It is also a clever way to deal with different temperatures of the day.

You should wear three different layers: The base layer is innermost layer that keep you dry and regulate moisture. The middle layer help trap your body heat. And the outer layer can be a waterproof outer coat or poncho.

#3 Protective features

The main purpose of waring survival clothing is to protect you from external elements of enviroment surrounding. There are some protective features that should come with the survival clothes you buy.

UV protection is the most important feature to look for.Wheather you prepare for hiking,camping, or trek a desert. UV protection clothes will keep your skin from burning and blistering under the UV rays of hot sun.

Biting insects also a troublesome that even can lead to some infectious disease. Insect protection is also must have feature. It can help keep disease carrying organisms like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks far away from you.

Advantages of above-ground pools

When the hottest months of the year arrive, we all want to take a bath in a pool to cool off, right? Infinity of people want to have one in their house, however, it is not as simple as it seems. The installation of a pool depends on many factors that must be considered, such as the space available for its location, so it is required to have a good garden or backyard for it.

The problem is that not everyone has enough extension to do it or, on the other hand, the necessary infrastructure to build a common pool is not available. For that reason, people have created above-ground pools, large capacity water containers that are placed so that they protrude from the surface. They are practical and safe, they offer the same thing as conventional pools without having to carry out the entire process required to build one.

This type of pool has many advantages over the rest, among which is that you will not need any type of license or permission to install it. This is because it is not a project that involves any type of architectural creation or modification or involves large-scale excavation or construction activities. There is also no need for specialized personnel to assemble it because only the instructions in the installation manual should be followed.

This point then derives the fact that obtaining one of these pools is much cheaper since it reduces the costs of construction. In addition, its design is made with cheaper materials than traditional pools. So, by not needing work of design, architecture or engineering, the acquisition of an artifact like this is summarized into going to the place where they are sold, choose the model that we consider perfect for us and buy it.

Also, you can choose the size and depth you want. You only have to analyze the requirements that you are looking for, for yourself and your family, and from there select what type of pool you need, in addition to its characteristics and specifications. This directly influences the level of security that can be reached, meanwhile it is important to know the measurements and capacities of our pool in relation to the people who will use it.

Another important factor is its durability. Many people consider that this type of pool tends to deteriorate easily but it is not so. Over the years, the above-ground pools have evolved and, currently, they are built with materials of much better quality than before. In this way, they not only resist the water but, being specially designed to expose themselves for a long time in the sun, resist heat. In turn, they have characteristics that make them resistant to weight, providing stability to the people inside them.

Finally, we have the easy storage and accessories. Removable above-ground pools are easy to assemble and, at the same time, are much easier to disassemble and save. Furthermore, manufactures even allow them to be transported in a portable way. Their pieces are not very large, so this process would take very little time. In addition to this, there is the possibility of equipping it with infinity of accessories; in the market, there are many instruments such as robotic pool cleaners, ozonators and chlorinators for pool water and even alarms that indicate when someone is inside it.



an intense feeling of deep affection.

I guess you can say I LOVE FISHING. I mean I write about it. Talk about it. And do something pretty fishy almost every day.

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I wear and wash this shirt so much it is starting to fade

So when I got this shirt it became my favorite immediately. And you can tell because it is wearing down after only a few months of having it.

But the craziest thing about it is that I get complemented on it everywhere I go. People are constantly stopping me to tell me how much they like the shirt and saying things like, “This is going to be Bob’s Christmas gift,” and “Where did you get it? My husband would love that shirt.”

Which is why I am writing this. Because everyone who has a love for fishing should be wearing it.

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What makes the best cheese plane?

Have you ever planning cheese with an ordinary knife and it ended up crumbling? Luckily, with the best cheese plane slicer, everything will be a lot easier.

Compare to the other knife, a plane is better on control the thickness and thinness of your cheese.

Have a cheese plane help you quickly prepare your meals? It is an important part of your kitchenware. A cheese plane will save your time, energy and also ensure the prices of cheese that be planed are exactly the same.

Here are some tips for you if you ever feel the dilemma of choosing the best cheese plane:

#1 Size

If you do not have a lot of space in your kitchen, a compact and portable cheese plane is a good idea for you.

The lightweight and simple cheese plane is also great for thin pieces. On the other hand, with a large space in the kitchen room, the heavier-duty plane is more useful if you like hard-cheese.

#2 Safety features

To be the best cheese plane, it should have safety features. A cheese plane that comes with a non-slip handle will ensure that your finger couldn’t be cut by the plane.

If your plane cheese is a kind of cutting board, it needs to have a rubber at the bottom to make sure that it won’t slip.

#3 Durability and warranty

Good planning cheese equipment needs to mention its durability and warranty. The best material for a plane is stainless steel and zinc alloy.

They are durable, long-lasting materials and also providing superior functionality even after a long time of use. Furthermore, these material also help the plane avoid rust and do not contain any substances that may harm your health.

Most manufacturers will offer you about one year of warranty. Ensure that the plane you are going to buy is come with a lifetime of warranty and replaceable option.

How to choose the best diving board

Although, the pools can be used to have fun or relax; there are many implements that can turn them into therapeutic spaces and, even, into sports facilities. Among the instruments most used by people who love to enjoy swimming pools, there are diving boards. Even children who use them to play and adults who use them to perfect swimming skills; it is a fact that most of the people want to have one on their pools, but there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing one to preserve the safety of users.


  1. The length of the pool. The longer the pool is, the more gradual the transition between the fall and the swim will be. That is to say, the swimmer will have a wider perimeter if the pool is large, which will give him comfort when making the jump and entering the water. For that reason, you must know the exact measurements of the pool and contrast them with the diving board you want. It is also necessary to study the remaining distance between the trampoline and the side walls, a distance of not less than 2.50 meters is recommended in order to avoid knocks during the fall.
  2. The depth. This is one of the most important factors when deciding the characteristics that the trampoline will have and it must be analyzed considering many factors with the purpose of prevent impacts against the ground when submerging in the water.
  3. The height. Generally, an Olympic pool has a depth of 1.20 meters; however, those that will use a diving board must be approximately 2.50 meters deep if it is located one meter high in relation to the water level. This means that height and depth are directly linked. The diving board is installed on the edge of the pool and the higher it is placed, the deeper the water must be.
  4. The bottom. This point is of utmost importance since the bottom is also related to depth and, therefore, to the immersion process. There are flat floors that allow us to have the pool level and inclined bottoms that give us different degrees of depth. However, the most recommended if you plan to install a diving board are “spoon bottoms” because they guarantee maximum depth and, consequently, reduce the risks of impact.
  5. The material. There are boards made of wood or aluminum, coated with plastic, resistant to corrosion, among others. Formerly, the most common boards were those made of wood, but being a material with high sensitivity to humidity, it had a tendency to deteriorate easily and to be damaged over time, which caused an endless number of accidents. Nonetheless, with the technological evolution, aluminum, reinforced plastic or some other flexible material that allows the mobility of the diving board and reduces the risk of injury have been developed.

It should be noted that diving boards also have their cleaning methods that must be followed thoroughly to keep them in good condition. In addition, if it is installed for sporting purposes and the pool will be used constantly, the maintenance of the water, its chlorination and the cleaning of its floors and systems is also a factor to which we must pay close attention. Remember that safety must be paramount.

What Should The Best Commercial Restroom Have?

The commercial restroom is often different from the restroom in the household because it has to serve a large number of uses. Toilets in restaurants, hotels or workplaces often have to be of a certain quality.

That’s why you cannot impose factors like when choosing appliances for the family restroom.

Currently on the market there are many types of equipment for the commercial restroom. So you may have difficulty choosing.

We have listed some of the factors that the best commercial restroom should have to make your choices easier.

#1 Water usage

First, you should and need to know about the consumption of the toilet. Because the commercial restroom operates regularly and continuously, the amount of water consumed from it has also increased significantly.

So you should choose the toilet water consumption savings to reduce pressure on the bill last month. By law, you need to choose toilets that don’t use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

#2 Installation and maintenance

A commercial restroom should be easily maintained. The high demand also leads to more risks so it should be easy to maintain to avoid long interruptions.

All equipment and water lines in the commercial restroom should be regularly maintained to ensure greater security. And they should also be easy to install when you want to add new devices.

#3 Lifespan

The need for regular and continuous use will also cause the device to have higher wear and tear. So you should choose materials with long life to avoid repeated investment.

You should care about the materials that make those products. High-quality materials often have more durability and spend a little more money to invest in such materials will not make you regret it.

Besides materials, the mechanism of action is also a determinant of the product’s durability. You should choose a simple operating mechanism so that everyone can use it easily and properly.

#4 Safety

You need to ensure the safety of equipment in the commercial restroom to avoid risks and accidents to the user.

Never choose cheap, non-obvious devices. These are often low-quality products that cannot guarantee you anything.

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How to improve your marine life

Many people love to go sailing, there are some who do it as a hobby and others who dedicate their lives to it professionally. Activities such as fishing, marine exploration, maritime trade activities, oil exploitation, among others, are carried out by those people who decided to spend part of their time in relation to marine life. This has been a practice that has been carried out for years, however, with the evolution of science and technology, methods and instruments have to increase its success been developed.

The most important point in these cases is the boat. A good boat will allow the sailor to navigate waters in a much more comfortable and versatile way. In addition, within it are all the tools and artifacts that navigators will need to perform their tasks, so it is extremely significant to know how we can improve our boat and what the best elements to equip it are.

The climate is one of the most influential factors when developing nautical activities because it can generate difficulties when sailing or, on the contrary, it can give us an advantage with respect to certain tasks that we must carry out. For that reason, many manufacturers have focused on the creation of objects such as Marine Weather Station for Boats.

Marine Weather Stations are devices designed to measure and record meteorological variables, that is to say, they allow you to obtain information about the type of climate that you will probably face when traveling in your boat. This type of technology permits to make weather forecasts and, therefore, serves as support when making numerical models for climate studies.

It should be noted that most of these devices are resistant to corrosion or rust, and, in more advanced models, they do not contain moving parts, which facilitates their installation and maintenance in areas as unstable as boats. There are several types of weather stations and, to choose the most convenient model, you should analyze in depth the characteristics of the boat taking into account the activity that will be carried out and the time that will be used to perform it. They include hand-held, fixed-mount, and industrial-grade devices and radio frequency transmitting stations that report real-time conditions on a marine frequency are also included.

Other significant points when navigating are the boat engine and the battery. For fishing, the use of trolling motors is recommended as they are devices that allow maximum control over the boat and they also give the sailor more manipulation on it. This action allows you to stop the boat with ease and have the freedom to move according to your needs. Trolling motors are autonomous and silent units that offer the advantage of moving on water in a lighter way.

Following these general lines, we have the battery. A good battery will ensure the best performance of the boat and, therefore, it leaves us a longer life at the time of work. Formerly, charging the battery used to represent a common problem for fishermen or sailors, however, chargers that allow us to replenish the battery’s energy have been developed. To choose which is the best marine battery charger, we must take into account the characteristics of the battery, its specifications and even the environment in which it will be used, but it is not a problem because there are many of them in the market and we have the freedom to choose.