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Frequently asked questions

What should we bring along ? Bring a lightweight jacket, you will find that layering your clothing will work best. Remember your sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses. Flat shoes with non marking soles are recommended. Fishing License if you fish ?, camera, film and spare batteries.

Refreshments We provide bottled water and soft drinks. Please feel free to bring along any refreshments that you may require. Bring your cooler and we will make room.

May we bring Alcoholic beverages Sure this is your holiday, our pursuit is a safe days outing and we urge you to act responsibly. Illegal drugs of any kind are not permitted under any circumstances.

Weather Summers are normally very hot and sunny with calm waters and a light breeze in the afternoon. If the weather does change the cabin is heated, also for safety we will reschedule your charter if the weather dictates.

Inclement Weather Only the captain can decide if the weather is unsafe for boating. If the boat charter is cancelled due to inclement weather the boat charter will be rescheduled to another day or a refund given.

Smoking is allowed on the outside deck only.

Pets are not allowed.

Reservations We require a credit card to reserve any of our boating charters. On confirmation of your charter, we will send you an invoice through PayPal for the cost of your boat charter plus 5% goods and services tax.

Payment Method We accept all major credit cards these are processed through PayPal. Personal and corporate checks once they have cleared and cash. All charters are subject to Canada’s 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Cancellation Policy We require a minimum of 31 days to cancel your reservation without cost to you. With less than 31 days, 50% of the trip price plus GST will be refunded to your credit card, we will also credit you this 50% amount if you complete the boat charter with us during the next 12 calendar months. If you fail to show up or are unavailable for your boating charter you are responsible for the cost of the entire trip. Weather Only the captain can decide if the weather is unsafe for boating. If the boat charter is cancelled due to inclement weather the boat charter will be rescheduled to another day or a refund given.

“We welcome all questions, and would love to take you boating.”

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Local Contact Number:

Cell: 778-232-2736

Vancouver Boat Tours offers:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Skipper included
  • Charters and guided tours for sightseeing and fishing
  • Evening, half-day and full-day charters
  • Children are welcome
  • Large open rear deck
  • Command bridge with passenger seating
  • Cruise at a leisurely pace while enjoying the view

What is the best type of wok?

The wok is one of the traditional Chinese kitchen utensils, but it is becoming more and more popular today thanks to its excellent applicability.

The wok is basically a deep, circular pan so that the fire can spread evenly to the sides. It is great for you to cook stir-fries and stews of Chinese cuisine.

Nowadays the wok has been improved and upgraded a lot compared to the traditional wok. It is improved in a more compact size, comes with a lid and is made of many different materials.

Do you know about all the wok? If not, let us find the best type of wok.

#1 Based on material

Wok can be classified based on material. The most common types of materials for the wok are:

#1 Carbon steel:

This is the material of a traditional wok. This material has good heat holding capacity, withstands high temperatures for a long time and is quite durable.

However, a carbon steel wok needs to be thoroughly cleaned and you must not use soap to wash it.

#2 Cast iron:

Cast iron is also a good heat retention material, providing great flavor to the dish. However, this is a heavy material and requires a lot of effort to preserve it.

#3 Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the most durable and safe material for a wok. The wok is made of stainless steel that can spread heat evenly, keep heat well and easily cleaned with soap and water.

#4 Non-stick:

This is the material used for most pans and a wok is no exception. This material prevents food from sticking to the wok but it cannot withstand high temperatures.

#2 Based on the bottom shape

Based on the bottom shape, the wok can be divided into two types:

#1 Round bottom wok:

A round bottom wok is the most original and popular shape, it is suitable for cooking on gas stoves.

Round bottom wok can heat up immediately because it allows the flame to reach evenly on both sides.

#2 Flat bottom wok:

A flat bottom wok is an improved design to fit the top stove, allowing heat to approach from the bottom and then spread to the whole wok.

Flat bottom wok is usually made from easy-to-clean and high-quality materials.


Car rides with the kids is an iconic part of family life. There’s nothing more joyful than seeing the wide-eyed wonder from a child who is seeing beautiful landmarks for the first time, enjoying the city at night, or squealing in excitement at fairs and festivals. Travel broadens the mind, and for a child, is crucial to their personal, psychological, and emotional development.

At the same time, car rides can be often be the cause of travel-related anxiety and stress; it can be especially straining on young children. The tightness and roughness of a child’s seatbelt rubbing into their neck can cause a bad mood or an association of pain with travel. A child who feels trapped in the car from a tight seatbelt and hard car seats can quickly become frustrated or panicked.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is just as easy as it is affordable. In recent years, seat belt cushions have become popular around the world due to their ease of use, their flexibility and durability, and the rich padding that combines stability and comfort. There’s no hassle when it comes to seat belt cushions – most of them are lined in Velcro and are easy to clean by hand or in the washing machine, so they can quickly return to the car! Whether it’s for a small trip to the grocery store or a long journey across the country to see extended family, seat belt cushions are the saving grace of every family.

Let’s take a look at the top five seat belt cushions for kids!

Table of Contents

  • Let’s take a look at the top five seat belt cushions for kids!
    • OVERLAND Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
    • NUBY Seat Belt Pillow
    • ERIC CARLE Seat Belt Cushion
    • SUATMMshop Unicorn Fur Seat Belt Cushion
    • VERISA Seat Belt Pillow

OVERLAND Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover

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The soothing feeling of sheared wool is something that millions of people around the world enjoy. It’s no wonder, then, that Overland decided to make a seat belt cushion from the softest thing on the planet! With its slim design and Velcro straps, the cover can fit any seatbelt for any person. It can even be used on other straps, such as messenger bag straps or guitar straps. Made entirely from real sheepskin, Overland’s Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover promises to be dependable, sturdy, and soft for years to come. The best part? It can stay on any position on the length of the seat belt, so you don’t have to worry about the cushion sliding down constantly (or falling off!) during the trip.

NUBY Seat Belt Pillow

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If you or your child prefer something with more bounce and padding, NUBY has got your back! Their reinforced strap system securely plants the pillow in place, making it impossible for the cushion to wander up and down the seat belt. In addition, it provides a wonderful health benefit for your growing children. It supports the neck and head of the child, promoting a healthy and upright figure during sleep. This reduces the consequences of slouching and bad posture, which may include (but are not limited to) muscle strain, muscle pain, and deformities in the neck and spine. With this seat belt pillow, your child will feel like they’re in their own bed at home!

ERIC CARLE Seat Belt Cushion

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Eric Carle is famous for his illustrated children’s book The Hungry Little Caterpillar. This particular seat belt cushion is in the shape of – you guessed it – the caterpillar! This seat belt cushion is beautifully designed. It can be mistaken for a brightly dyed children’s toy, which is ideal for those children who need something comforting and familiar on car rides. Whether your child is asleep or awake, the Eric Carle Seat Belt Cushion offers to maintain good body posture and remove strain from the head, neck, and back. The cushion can be easily applied or removed, which is especially useful for messy or sick children. The Eric Carle Seat Belt Cushion is also machine-washable and easy to clean. It gives parents the peace of mind that whatever mess on the cushion itself can be quickly removed and cleaned.

SUATMMshop Unicorn Fur Seat Belt Cushion

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For the especially bold, colorful, and confident children, the rainbow-colored Seat Belt Cushion from SUATMMshop is a fun and creative choice for rides long and short! The downy-soft faux fur will give your children laughter as it tickles their cheeks and help them fall into a serene nap during a long drive. The Velcro straps are sewed into the back of the cushion, which makes it very easy to put on (and even easier to take off and wash!). It also adds a flashy and funny fashion statement to the car! Moreover, this specific cushion has a soothing use in that its color, feel, and style are psychologically beneficial for stressed and anxious children. After all, no price can be put on the peace of mind for a child, but SUATMMshop boasts a durable, life-improving product at an easily affordable price!

VERISA Seat Belt Pillow

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VERISA is one of the most popular seat belt cushion makers in the world – and it’s easy to see why! The company has created a seat belt cushion as a pouch which actually includes a real pillow inside. It is made so that both kids and adults sleep well, read comfortably, and relax easily on car rides. With its unassuming colors, generous padded pillow, and high-grade material, the VERISA seat belt pillow style provides stable neck support for children. It prevents the child from arching into discomforting positions straining the neck, sides, and back or leading to serious harm. It also protects children from sustaining injuries, such as bruises or cuts, from accidental sudden stops or swerves. Both the pouch and the cushion are machine-washable and easy to wipe off, clean, and use again and again!

Here are five great seat belt cushions for kids that will make any trip safer, cozier, and more calming. With a simple snap and pat, that snarling seatbelt can become a fun, comfortable, and protective tool for the whole family – and it can be the magic trick for making the words ‘car trip’ bring out the most excited squeal from your little one!

Buying Guide: Best Tent Heater

Are you planning to camp out in the winter? You might want to add the best tent heater to the list as one of the necessary accessories. Not only will this be an important accessory to make use of in the wild, it can also be considered one of the most important things to do in the night. Without a good heater on your side, it can get really cold, especially during the winter season. It doesn’t really take as much to pick up the right heater and do some research; you should be able to find it easily.

Size Matters

Trying to cut costs and purchase a tent heater that is too small can actually cause problems that you would prefer to avoid. So, depending on the size of the tent you have, it might be a good idea to do some research and figure out the exact size of the heater you need for your tent. The same hazards apply to large heaters, in case you plan to do it like a sauna inside your tent! Oversized heaters pose a higher risk of burning down the entire tent, which is ideally not what you would like to face when you’re in the wild.


Sometimes people buy the right kind of best tent heater, but they end up installing it incorrectly. Because of this problem, they might feel that the heater doesn’t work as well as it should. So, before you go out to the store and get something different, it might be a good idea to look closely at how you install things and make sure you don’t need to replace something that doesn’t really need to be replaced. You can even consult another person who is acquainted with this so that you can check your tent installation.

Although there are many other ways to heat a tent without a heater, people are choosing the maximum and quick warmth that a tent heater provides. With the new lightweight, portable and safe models being produced these days, finding a model within your budget for your next camping trip should not be an issue. Keep those cold nights warm with a camper in your tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

How to choose the best musky reel for the money?

If you are looking for the budget-friendly musky reel, you should carefully as while the price tag may seem attractive, you always get what you pay for. How do you know if the under 200$ musky reels are suitable for you or not? Don’t worry, we got your back.

This post are some tips and major criteria that should help you pick the best musky reel for the money.

#1 good built-In quality

The musky fish has the monster shape that can reach 15 pounds. So any reel that sounds or seems not properly build-up is going to waste your money. Even if you are looking for budget-friendly option, you also should choose the good built-in. Remember that, you may not able to drag a heavyweight fish just because of the poor quality reel. Choosing the reel hat is durable and will stand strong when fishing.

#2 The gear ratio

When choosing the musky reel, the gear ratio is one of the first things you should look at. The low the number the slow to retrieve it would be. We recommend that you should come with the units that offer 5:1 to 5:7:1 gear ratio. You can easy find the musky reel under $200 that comes with such ratio. These are most of the time perfect for musky fishing.

This ratio if perfect to get better precision and strength that allow you to apply less effort.

#3 Check the line weight

One more important factor when choosing is musky reel is the line weight. Muskies fish weight can reach fifteen to thirty-six pounds. So that the pulling and stressing these fishes come with is going to make it quite difficult to catch them. Even you choose the affordable reel, ensure that it offer something around eighty pounds line weight. These are super capable to handle even the largest muskies.

#4 Line Capacity

Like the line weight the lack of a good line capacity will turn the whole fishing into a disaster. You should go for go for something that provides at least 140 yards of 25 pounds test line.

What Are The Different Types Of Terrarium Heater?

If you are concerned about the heating matter for reptiles and looking for best the terrarium heater, you should know that there are several different ways to heat terrarium.

Choosing the type of heater devices will depend on your reptile’s requirement, your preferences and also your budget.

If you are unsure what are the best aquarium heaters, and there are many things you do not know about reptile heater, follow this post about the most commonly available terrarium heater that use for reptiles.

#1 Heat pads

The heat pad is the device that normally placed in the bottom or sides of the terrarium. The placement of the heating pad will depend on your species of reptiles. Heat pad provides the warmer part in the cage where reptiles can stay on when they need to increase their body temperature.

The heat pat creates the warmer part in the cage that means the opposite part of the cage will be cooler. This will make the gradient temperature for your reptiles.

Heat pad does not emit light, therefore you can use this heat source even at night without bothering your reptile. Due to this, the heat pad is suitable for nocturnal reptiles.

#2 Radiant heat lamps

There are 2 different types of radiant heat lamps are incandescent and halogen heat lamps. Heat lamps are the best option for the reptiles that prefer to bask such as bearded dragons and corn snakes.

Halogen lamps will better maintain humidity since it is less likely to dry the air than incandescent lamps. But incandescent lamps have strong power and cheaper.

#3 Ceramic heat emitters

Ceramic heat emitters offer the infrared heat and not emit light. Therefore you can use it even at night and do not mess up the day and night cycle of your reptiles. It is important to use a ceramic heat lamp with a thermostat to prevent overheating the enclosure.

#4 Mercury vapor bulbs

Mercury vapor bulbs provide both heat and UVB rays for your reptiles.  There is a down back that cannot connect mercury vapor bulbs with the thermostat. Due to this, it is unsuitable for using mercury vapor bulb in the enclosure since it can overheat your reptiles.

What are the best materials for glass top stove cookware?

Glass top stoves have an elegant and modern design that always adds aesthetic to the kitchen. However, when it comes to using a glass top stoves, not just any type of cookware will do. You have to use proper pots and pans for your glass top stove.

Any wrong thud or clank of the wrong material, and the smooth surface can be easily scratched. Before purchasing a particular set, you should have a good knowledge of cookware for glass top stoves. Here are some good materials that make the best pots and pans for glass top stove.

#1 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is highly recommended to use for glass top stove. Ideally, you should use stainless steel cookware with a “sandwich” construction. That means the pot and pan will have the middle layer of copper core or aluminum. It combines both the strength of regular stainless steel with the heat distribution capabilities of copper or aluminum.

Stainless steel is cost-effective, durable, and looks great. Besides, the smooth stainless steel bottom makes it totally safe to use on a glass top stove. One additional benefit is that the stainless steel cookware is easy to clean.

#2 Heavy-Weight Aluminum

Heavy-Weight Aluminum pots and pans are a great choice for cookware for glass top. Aluminum cookwares are tend to be less expensive and do the great job of conduct heat. It conducts heat faster than other metals and cooks evenly. Sometimes you may notice that Aluminum residue scratches on the cooktop, but you can remove it if it is cleaned immediately.

The only downside of aluminum is that there has been a lot of controversy around the dangers of aluminum in cookware and the reaction between the cookware and acidic or alkaline foods.

#3 Copper Bottom

copper pans are also good to use on the glass top stove. Copper has a superior heat conductivity and the cookware has very precise heat. However, you should be careful when using copper bottom cookware for your glass top as they can leave residues on the cooktop that appear as scratches. Overcooking them in the glass top stove also will leave a residue that will permanently stain the cooktop.

#4 Titan

Titan is less common materials than other types as they are expensive. Titanium is also fairly lightweight but it does not conduct heat very well. Titan cookware can be used for glass top but not ideal material.

What is the best durable non-stick pan for gas stove?

It is can’t be denied that non-stick pan have many benefits. It is useful for cooking eggs, fish fillets, or other delicate items. The best nonstick pans for gas stoves must distribute heat evenly and be good for a good number of year.

This is because the drawback of non-stick pans are easy to damage and has a shorter lifespan than uncoated cookware. Although I think nonstick coated pans are convenient, I advise you to get the durable and quality nonstick pan, what can last for 5 years in your kitchen.

#1 Price and Brands

Even under proper care, the delicate surface of nonstick pan always has a shorter lifespan than other pans, because the nonstick coating will inevitably wear off. Higher price non-stick pans from reliable brands are often provide better quality.

Due to my experience, if you want to purchase on a quality non-stick pan for your gas stove, I think $20 to $60 is enough to spend on a pan that will give you three to five years of use.

Not only that, when looking for non-stick pan, you should ensure that this pan come with a limited lifetime warranty. However, these guarantees won’t cover wear and tear so you also need to use carefully.

#2 Dishwasher- and oven-safety

I have use one of my nonstick pans with dishwasher and after 20 minutes, my pan was ruined after the dishwasher subjected them to a stainless-steel scrubber.

Dishwasher-safe pa saves you time and energy. Oven safety is also useful for a range of dishes since it allows you to move your pan from the gas stove to the oven to finish cooking or keep warm.

However, even your non-stick pan is dishwasher safe, I not recommend you often use it with dishwasher as the heat levels ruin the non-stick coat and shorter the lifespan of the pan.

#3 Types of nonstick coatings

There are two common nonstick coatings are PTFE and Ceramic. PTFE is short for polytetrafluoroethylene, this is a synthetic polymer that repels water and reduces friction. However, the production process of PTFE can pose health hazard for people working in and living around factories.

Ceramic coating is not actually ceramic, but a ceramic-like coating called sol-gel. Creamic coating are often touted as being “greener” or better for you than PTFE. But the main drawback of ceramic pans is that their nonstick properties don’t last as long.

What are the best dual purport batteries for boats?

When it comes to off-shore angling, the best batteries for boats is absolutely essential. I have a small boat so I am looking for the best battery for boat motor with an affordable price and compact size that do not takes a lot of space in my boat. After several hours researching, I found that the dual propose battery is best style for my boating adventures. Visit this website for more information.

Dual purport batteries can be use as the starting battery for motor, it also provides enough power for all the electronics equipment in your boat over a day fishing out on the water. Here are my top 4 of dual purport barriers that I consider as best boat batters and want to share with all of you.


#1 Mighty Max Battery Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery Replaces

This Mighty Max Battery may not the most powerful and effective dual purpose batteries out there but the reasons that makes me put it at top 1 of this list is because it perfectly suit my need. If you have the small boat, looking for the friendly budget option with compact size, this is the best battery for you.

This battery type is targets for small boats with light-trolling capacities. You do not need to worry about how to mount it to your boat or whether it compatible with your boat or not as it is very versatile and easy to install.

Although it is named deep cycle battery but this one also can work for starting boat motor. It is designed to be spill-proof which ensure its long life span and without any possible risks. Plus, for who are not experienced angler, this battery does not require high technical knowledge to be operated and installed. It also does not require you much effort to maintain it.

One of the most important factor I consider when choosing the batteries for my small boa is the size of battery. It measures 7.68 inches x 5.16 inches x 7.13 inches, what makes it one of the most compact marine batteries, convenient for caring around and does not bulky when being installed in the boat. However, since it has the moderate reserve capacity Mighty Max ML35-12 may only suitable for small to medium boats.

#2 Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

The Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual-Purpose Battery is one of the most common batteries, it standing at top 1 of many favourites marine battery lists. This is because it offers users amazing starting power and excellent deep cycling capability. It is also highly appreciated due to the long-lasting charge.

Odyssey Thunder Marine Dual-Purpose Battery provides the overall power that twice times stronger and three times longer life-span than conventional marine batteries. However, due to these amazing feature, this battery also relatively expensive and heavy.

Since it is made from high-quality case material, this battery ensures the durability for such a long time. Although this is not the friendly budget option but you will get the great investment that worth your money. It is very difficult to find the other dual purpose batteries that can beat Odyssey Thunder Marine battery in terms of construction and performance.

#3 Optima Batteries 8012-021 D34 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

I consider this dual purpose battery from Optima is great value for the price at you will get the high performance, effective battery with very affordable price. This yellow top battery from Optima has a great amount of voltage power of cranking that will keep the engine in your boat run for longer.

It does not require any maintenance due to its leak-proof design and super vibration resistant. The only thing you have to note about this product is that you should not use it in temperatures. This battery many be overheated if your overcharge it.

It can be used for the boats that requires medium to higher electrical loads. However, this one may not suitable for all kind of boats so ensure it fit your boat before using.

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Buying Guide: Best Broadhead For Elk

Regardless of what you need to buy, you certainly need to get the best. You need to purchase the best broadhead for elk. Below is a factor to consider when purchasing the best broadhead for elk.

#1 Durability

The interesting primary point before buying any broadhead is sturdiness. Your expansive head ought to be able to go through thick muscles and elk bones with no issues. In this way, you should check toughness. Therefore, ensure that the item is made of acceptable quality materials, for example, top-notch treated steel.

#2 Cutting Diameter

Another extremely significant reality that you ought to consider ensuring that your broadhead will furnish you with extraordinary assistance is the cutting measurement. The distance across the cut provides the measure of harm that the full head causes to the broadheads for elk. Enormous cutting width guarantees more damage. You will require a perfect size distance across to get the most extreme harm to your objective.

#3 Blade Sharpness

The cutting breadth for best broadhead for elk, you should screen the sharpness of the edge. Essentially, it is no less significant than toughness and cutting breadth. Cutting edge sharpness guarantees the degree to which it can enter the full head. You can have adequate strength and a more remarkable thickness to cut.

#4 Design

The structure of a best fixed broadhead for elk head and the making of edges is critical, as they additionally have an incredible incentive in the harm that a full head can do. Indeed, even broad leaders with the distance across, sharpness, and other comparative qualities can give the different breakout results because of the distinction in their plan. Like this, make sure to pick the right structure.

#5 Weight

Another reality that you should comprehend is the heaviness of the pills. The higher the FOC, the more entrance. In this way, you should locate the perfect load to get the best assistance from your buy.

See more information hunting gear here.