If you are preparing for your wilderness trip and the survival gear, then the best survival canteens is what should not be overlooked. You need to have ample supply of water to prevent dehydration. Whether you plant to go out for hiking or camping, the best survival canteen will ensure that you have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

But before getting the survival canteen, you should know some information about it, this post will give you the overlook of survival canteen.

#1 What is the different between survival canteen and traditional water bottles?

A survival canteen is not the same as your regular water bottle. Survival canteen is not use only for holding water, you can boil water and cook food by the metal canteen. This is because survival canteens are made from materials which can endure fire, which is why heat will pass through it.

Like survival clothing, these canteens are designed to be durable and endure the demands of even hardest environment. Not only that, this tools usually come with a cup that slots right into them. Survival canteen is often put in the carrying pouch that is secure enough to not lose your canteen while on the move in difficult terrain.

#2 What are the different materials choice of survival canteen?

Titanium is the most common type of survival canteen is sold out there. This option is also lightest, strongest and resistance to corrosion. All these features make up the highest quality survival canteens. However, the only drawback of titanium is it is expensive.

Stainless steel is more affordable than titanium. It is stronger, more durable and retains the heat longer than aluminium. On the whole, it is the medium choice. Its downside is its heavier weight.

Aluminium is lightweight and much cheaper than 2 options above. However, it is less durable and not as corrosion resistant as the other choices.

#3 How to boil water and cook food by survival canteen?

As long as your canteen is made from quality metal, it can be place directly onto the fire. Both your canteen and the cup included can be used to boil water. Make a campfire and support the filled canteen cup with rocks or sticks and allow water to boil.

It will take about 1-3 minutes to boil the water and completely depends on the temperature surrounding. This features especially come to handy if you are in the area that fresh water available.