It is obvious that the Japanese fillet knives are always at the top when it comes to filleting as they are known for traditional craftsmanship design. As a passionate cook, I know the important of quality, right type of knife when filleting fish. With the Japanese fish filleting knives, I can gut and fillet of a whole fish and makes thin slices of fish for the sushi cuisine as well. Check more about the Japanese fillet knife here.

In addition, I believe that Japanese fillet knives are sharpest with ideal shape and size. They are also long lasting due to their premium carbon steel material. Although carbon steel requires a little maintenance to keep it avoid rusting, as long as you ensure that you keep the blade dry after apply oil constantly to blades, they are able to resist rust.

if you are looking for the best Japanese fillet knife then I have listed here top 4 perfect suggestions and you can get some useful information on this web.

#1 Shun DM-0743 Classic Boning 6-inch

The Shun fish fillet knife will give you great performance within a reasonably price tag. It features a 6 inches stainless steel blade, this is the perfect size for small to medium fish. The

blade is coated with Damascus which is rust and corrosion resistance. And narrow surface which help you makes a close and reduce drag while filleting.

A strength blade is contoured, allowing smoothly glide knife through fish body and makes precision cut. I also love the elegant D sharp of the handle, it gives you secure grip, excellent control and well balanced. The handle is made of PakkaWood. However, I wish that this knife come with a protective case. It is always better if the manufacturer places it in the wooden box or just a leather shield.

#2 Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife, 6-Inch

Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife is also 6 inches knife that ideal medium sized fish. This knife is designed for both professional chef and home cook. You do not need to spend much effort for filleting if you use this knife. The blade if made of 1k6 high-grade carbon stainless steel.

This is a Deba knife, which includes a single bevel side and a flat side. This design make it great for filleting a whole fish and slicing fine flat fish.

An economically designed handle is made of pakkawood material, offers a very comfortable grip and non-slip to ensure safety for your hand from slipping while filleting the fish. The drawback is that I do not high appreciate the durability of this knife as the blade does not seem to retain the sharpness and shiny look after few years.

#3 Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel Yanagi Sushi Sashimi

I have never see the other Japanese blade that is more skilled craftsmanship than this one from Yoshihiro. This is maybe why this knife is quite costly. There are two options for the blades sizes are 10.5 and 11.8 inches, what makes this knife more suitable for bigger fish. Due to its designed, the knife will help you get extra thin slices of fish with accuracy.

This blade is made from high carbon blue steel, this material is well known as its ability of easy to sharpen and retain the edge for such a long time.

The only disadvantage of carbon steel is that it can be rust under improper cared, make sure that the blade is dried after uses and applying Tsubaki oil before storage. This knife is more common with is used professional kitchen than a home kitchen as it is relatively expensive.

#4 JapanBargain 1553, Japanese Sushi Chef Knife Yanagiba Sashimi Knife

Sushi is my favorited dish so I always need a knife like JapanBargain on my kitchen, it help me makes an extra thin consistency while slicing fish. The blade is made of rust-resistant molybdenum steel. The knife features eight-inch blade, it is the ideal size for medium to larger fish. The Yanagiba Sashimi knife has a wooden handle. It is ergonomic designed for firmly grip and easy to hold.

There is the downside that since it is single-beveled knife, this can be a little hard for you when you need to sharpen this blade.