Wire cheese slicer is the most common type of cheese slices as it can cut most different kinds of cheeses. However, after a period time of using, you might have had to tighten and replace the wire every now and then. Some users do not know how to go about this and so, they often resort to buying a new cheese cutting board.

But, tightening the wire on your cheese slicer should be a relatively straightforward process. You do not need to purchase on the new cheese slicer one.

#1 How to tighten wire on cheese slicer?

Typically, there will be either one or two screws on two side of the frame that holds the wire in place. These screws will allow you to tighten or loosen the cable as needed. Some other wire cheese slicers will come with an adjustable knob, which make yours job much more easier. You do not need any tool to tighten the wire.

You just need to use a screwdriver to turn the screw or turn the knob clockwise to tighten the wire and counterclockwise if you want it to be loose.

#2 Changing the wire for your cheese slicer

The best cheese slicer will include stainless steel wire that are attached to the cutting arm. The stainless steel wire usually lasts for many years and some manufacturer even offer lifetime warranty for their wire.

Besides, many cheese slicer models will come with a pair of replacement wires when you buy the slicer. If it is not, you can easy buy the cheese slicer wire available online in different lengths that make for the different slicer models in the market.

To get start, loosen the screw on the head of the handle. Take out the wire fastening pin and pull out this end of the wire. Turn the handle in the opposite side and keep the board base firmly in place. The handle bar will come loose from the base and you can totally release the old wire.

After that, pull one end of the replacement wire into the slot on the cheese cutting board and take the handle bar back into its position on the board. Turn the bar until it tight in its position to secures one end of the wire. Placing the other end of the wire into the handle head and push in the fastening pin to secure it.