During bow fishing, you will need the best bowfishing generator to keep your electric devices powered if you intend to spend several hours on the water. Especially if you plant to go bowfishing on the bowfishing boat at night as it is the best time for it, then the generator is absolustely essential.

However, there is one major drawback associated with most of generators is their noise.

The noise produced by the generator can scare away fish, upset people who are living nearby and affect your hearing as you have to listen to it all night long. This post are some tips to help you minimize generator noise.

#1 Add a muffler

You can add a muffler of a car, a motorcycle or any kind of muffler for that matter, to your generator’s exhaust. Adding a muffler to your generator can help reduce its noise output and allow you to point the residual noise in the direction that you can choice.

A motorcycle muffler can work well with most generators, however, in some case you may have to create a custom pipe system if you want to attach it to your generator.

#2 Build a quiet enclosure wall around the generator

You should try to build an enclosure like a box to house your generator is one of the quickest ways to drastically reduce its noise output. Generally, some soft, porous materials like cloth or foam box will absorb sound better than hard and dense materials, like metals. Base on this, you can look things around your house to make a quiet enclosure for your generator.

The enclosure box will both dampen the vibrations and cause any loud noise to escape through the missing wall of the box.

#3 Reduce vibration

Vibration also create noise for generator. To reduce the vibration, you can add a rubber washer to the engine housing. Look at the engine of the generator, if there are a rubber washers already between the screw and the frame, you can also add a second layer of rubber washer to increase effectiveness.

#4 Choosing a quite generator

Many generators today are high technology and designed to create less noise than the past model. Manufacturers are working to make generators more and more and quiet. We want to recommend here some quite generator such as Honda EU2000i, Yamaha EF2000iS, etc.