You are a home cook and want to make your kitchen become more professional?  Then you cannot ignore a blow torch for cooking.

You will realize that it can be used for so much more than you ever know. This small handheld tool uses butane gas to provide an intensely hot flame that focuses on one point.

You can use a blow torch for flame-roast vegetables, caramelize the top of creme brulee, caramelize fruits, melt marshmallows. It’s also great for searing meat and melt cheese or simply built a campfire at night.

Here are some points that should be noticed when you looking for the best cooking torch for cooking:

#1 Safety

Using a blow torch provides you a direct flame to cook your meal. But always remind that put the safety first. Don’t make movements while using the torch. Besides that, your blow torch should have some safety features.

One of them is a safety lock. A safety lock will keep the torch out of reach of children so your kid won’t accidentally turn it on.

Your torch also needs a nozzle made by high-quality material such as aluminum or stainless steel, which prevents the nozzle become overheating and fire risk.

#2: A knob to adjust the flame

Not every torch has a knob to easily adjust the shape and size of the flame. Some recipes need a high flame to make food scorch.

The others need a low flame and cook slowly or the food will burn outside before it has a chance to cook inside.

#3:  Fuel gauge

The best blow torch should have a fuel gauge that helps you easy to see all the rest of the fuel have inside this torch. Especially when you are making a meal, the torch suddenly runs out of gas.

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